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If "Religion is the Opiate of the Masses," Science is the Opiate of the Intellectual Classes.

Do you really believe you're an Evolving Ape, or that God will Take Your Call? It's time to end this destructive conflict.

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Financial Meltdown

Winners and Losers
When someone looses money in the stock market, other people win. Who were the winners and losers in the recent financial meltdown? If you think it is a coincidence that the stock market crashed right before the American election in 2008, you’re naive. The winners of that election get to control the biggest pile of money in the world: The US Treasury – Your Money!

Power is the Ability to Spend Other People’s Money. The way political leaders win elections, is to convince voters that an evil enemy or crisis threatens their way of life. The fear based ideologies of atheism and religion caused all the wars of modern history. Liberal vs. Conservative is the political manifestation of that conflict. If you think these reckless ideologues wont put your 401k at risk to advance their agendas or win an election, Think Again.

The problem is; once the Liberal / Conservative power struggle injects fear into the economy, it can get out of control and many people will not have the timeline or resources to recover.

Ideology Trumps Logic, Common Sense, and Truth
Atheistic Liberalism and Religious Conservatism are Ideologies: Religious ideology has driven people to crash airliners full of people into the World Trade Center, hoping to cause a financial collapse. Atheistic ideology caused the financial meltdown of the Soviet Union. Do not trust their Liberal or Conservative political arms with your government, future, or 401K.

An Ignorant man is a Dangerous Man: We cannot make sound financial or societal policies based on false beliefs!

Disguised as Liberal and Conservative politicians, the advocates for atheism and religion win converts (votes) by writing laws to impede their enemies and empower their cults. The result: radical swings in policy that divide us, impede progress, and endanger the future.

Divided We Fall. A man who does not know the truth on God and human existence is ignorant. Academia’s failure to solve that mystery, left scientists, theologians, educators, politicians, and all of our world leaders floundering on a sea of ignorance. If the mystery of human existence is not resolved soon, that ignorance will bring a financial, military, or terrorist disaster that We Cannot Now Imagine.

Note to Liberals and Conservatives: it is time to get your God / no-god jihad out of politics, and find a way to win elections that doesn’t include: talking down the economy, or spending other people’s money.

Liberals use government as a humanist god, Conservatives use government to impose their religious dogmas on society. Come Out From Among Them: solving the mystery of human existence will end the core conflict of science vs. religion, and release a worldwide surge of progress and prosperity.

Atheism and Religion are Beliefs about God and Human Existence.

Ideology / Belief = A Lack of Verifiable Knowledge, or Ignorance.

Those who think they can be ignorant and free, hope for something that never was and never will be. Thomas Jefferson.

You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free. Messiah.

Did the second coming of Jesus cause the collapse of the ancient world? You decide; Discovery

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