A Noble Lie

Ideolgical "Science" and Religion: for those who would dare to know

In The Republic, written in BC380, Plato envisioned a Utopian City where an elite class of intellectuals would have dictatorial rule over the masses. He conjured a “Noble Lie” designed to separate children from their families and cause them to worship the “Earth Mother” as their creator.

The Noble Lie
In Plato’s Utopia, children would be told that humans evolved from the earth, rather than being created by God through the procreation of their parents and indoctrinated to love and serve the state.

Academia’s Noble Lie
Throughout the ages, Plato’s vision of a Utopian Government has inflamed the fervor of idealist intellectuals in academia. To counteract the repression and violence of the early church, many declared themselves Atheist. In an attempt to create a modern society, these radicals used Darwin’s theory of evolution to fabricate an atheistic “Noble Lie.” They changed Plato’s myth that humans evolved from the earth, to the equally absurd “humans evolved from the apes.”

The Evolving Apes of Ideological “Science”

Evolution – A Reactionary Atheistic Creation Myth

In an attempt to drive a wedge between religious parents and their children, “educators” imposed the atheistic creation myth of evolution on every child in elementary school. One generation later, public education is an Atheistic Madrasa. Students are universally indoctrinated to revere the earth’s environment as the source of life, and to love and serve a Utopian Atheistic State.

Education or Indoctrination?
The “theory of evolution” is a reincarnation of Plato’s “Noble Lie.” It is not about education, or human origins; it’s Brainwashing, and Mind Control of the Masses.

Planet of the Evolving Apes
Ideological “science” has turned an entire generation of children into a mindless planet of evolving apes.

Do not be Deceived
Atheistic scientists are not intellectual “skeptics;” they’re ideological fanatics. Is atheistic “science” a rejection of God, or religion? Note to the Atheists: the existence of God can be verified with empirical evidence, religion’s ability to communicate with God cannot. You’re barking-up the wrong tree.

The Results
Atheism and evolution are now the core tenets of “education.” The destructive consequences of using this “Noble Lie” to drive a wedge between parents and their children are obvious to all but the elites in ideological science and academia. Children indoctrinated to believe that they evolved from the apes, will behave like animals.

Conversely, children indoctrinated to believe they can communicate with God, will become frustrated when He doesn’t answer their prayers. Some will turn to fanaticism, jihad, holy war, or religious terrorism, others, to rebellion against their religious parents, substance abuse, crime, reactionary cults, or self-destructive lifestyles.

Academia’s Noble Lies and Fanatic Believers have killed millions of people in holy wars and violent atheistic revolutions, and enslaved untold millions more under atheistic and theological dictators. Their tyrannical governments brought us to the brink of nuclear destruction in the Cold War, and left us with deteriorating stockpiles of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons that threaten our future.

We must reject the destructive and debasing intellectual beliefs of ideological science and religion and provide the next generation of children with the Noble Truth. One that describes them as the Creation of a Loving God and provides them with a positive image to which they can confidently aspire.

Sincerely Wrong: Ideology Trumps Logic, Common Sense, and Truth
Liberals, Conservatives, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Atheists; we can’t all be right, we can all be sincerely wrong. Facing that reality will enable us to reject the “noble lies” of academia and seek a unifying noble truth that will end the conflict between science and religion, harmonize liberal and conservative politics, and heal our ideological wounds.

There is no such thing as a “Noble” Lie – There is a Liberating Noble Truth
Humans that know who they are, their purpose in death/exile on earth and where they go next, are truly free. They will not believe the “Noble Lies” of an elite class of intellectuals or forfeit their God-Given Inalienable Rights to an atheistic or theological dictator. They will revere both God and their fellowman and behave in an honorable and dignified manner.

The Truth in One Sentence
Precisely as foretold in the history of ancient Israel, The Second Coming of Messiah coincided with the destruction of the temple and fall of Jerusalem. To see the endless archeological and historical evidence supporting that reality, click here: Free Offers

Humanity: Trapped between a Rock and a Hard Place
Religion has a history of violence and the repression of intellectual freedom; notwithstanding, at least it placed some moral constraints on the populace, and encouraged order and stability in society. Atheism has a history of violence and the repression of religious freedom. It has produced an “amoral” populace, and some of its radical followers seek to instigate anarchy. It is the most destructive ideology in all of human history.

These negative ideologies, sully the Image of God, and debase His most noble creation – Humans! 

Where there is no Truth: Everyone Believes a Lie
When everyone believes a lie, there will be ideological radicalism, strife, partisanship, anger, violence, terrorism, wars, and eventually anarchy. Those who believe an atheistic or religious lie, will follow and defend the most degenerate leaders, if those leaders support their philosophical belief.

There is a difference between those who are sincerely wrong, and those who are deliberately deceptive. Those who are sincerely wrong, can be corrected with empirical evidence. Those who are willingly wrong, never change their ideology, they change their name: Atheist, Communist, Socialist, Liberal, Progressive.

Don’t buy the Noble Lies – Come out from Among Them
We have ALL been indoctrinated with the dark age beliefs of Ideological “Science,” and Religion.
There is nothing wrong with being wrong, Until We Refuse to Admit it. Academia’s failure to solve the “mystery” of our existence, is the biggest problem facing humanity.

What would our world be like without the conflict between science and religion? The discovery, presented in The Awful Truth, ranks with Galileo and Copernicus. It will reunite science and religion, harmonize liberal and conservative politics, and release a worldwide surge of progress and prosperity in the coming Age of Alignment

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To facilitate a discussion of this world-changing discovery, we have made the evidence available for free on the website. United we will stand. See the future; please consider The Solution next.

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