Humans: Who are we, How did we get here, Where do we go next?

Academia’s inability to answer those questions caused all of our “holy wars,” holocausts, jihads, and violent atheistic revolutions, and cause most people to think those critical questions cannot be answered.

On the contrary, like the discoveries of Galileo and Copernicus, Truth is obvious, verifiable, and easily understood by those who would dare to know.

The Truth: for those who would Dare to Know
If I tell you the truth, you will rightly scoff at me and say “that is your opinion.” To respond to that skepticism, I have established a way for you to reach your own conclusion. Look up these verses in your Bible; Mat. 16:28, Mat. 10:23, Mat. 24:1-3 & 34, and 1 Thes. 4:15-18. Once you have read those verses, ask yourself this question, “What caused the collapse of the ancient world?” Your answer will solve the “mystery” of human existence.

For my answer, see the Discovery link before leaving the website.

Messiah said: 

And you shall Know the Truth, and the Truth will Set You Free. Joh. 8:32.

Religions are quick to say they believe that the Truth does set you free; then quickly tell you how much money in tithes you have to pay, and all the rituals you need to perform to get that freedom. That is not freedom! Click on the link, Tithing: Fleecing the Flock before leaving the website.

The Truth in One Sentence – The Bible is a Closed History.

The Bible is not a “handbook for religion,” an ongoing revelation, or a “myth” as disparaged in the atheistic and theological cults of academia. It is a chronological history. Not one word has been added to that history for two thousand years. That is a closed history.

Precisely as prophesied, in the year a.d.70, the Second Coming of Messiah coincided with the destruction of the temple and fall of Jerusalem. At that point, all communication with the biblical and pagan gods ceased, and humans inherited the earth in the profound ignorance of the dark ages of the early modern world.

The empirical evidence affirming that reality is without limit. It can be found in the history, libraries, and archaeological ruins of the ancient world on every continent of the globe.

Historical Realism
When everyone on the planet accepts the Bible as history; we will know the Truth. That Truth will free us from academia’s incompetence, and the endless violence instigated by the ideological conflict between science and religion. We will finally achieve the “abundance of peace” prophesied by King David and Messiah:

 The meek (humans) shall inherit the earth; and delight themselves in the abundance of peace. Para. Ps. 37:11, Mat. 5:5.

When we accept the reality that the Bible is a closed history of God’s interaction with our ancestors in the ancient world, the prophecies of King David and Messiah will be fully implemented. We have already inherited the Earth, but the violence instigated by the Dark Age “theories and beliefs” of science and religion keep us from delighting ourselves in the abundance of peace.

The Collapse of the Ancient World holds the key to Human Existence
Academia failed to comprehend the Historical Reality inherent in the destruction of the temple and fall of Jerusalem; followed by, the fall of the gods, collapse of the ancient world and subsequent rise of human rule on the Earth. That tragic failure keeps humanity locked in the endless violence instigated by science vs. religion; as a result, we are unable to achieve the universal peace foretold by King David and Messiah.

 Do you really believe you’re an Evolving Ape, or that God will take your call?

These absurd beliefs do not describe the reality in which we live; therefore, they will not survive as a viable explanation for human existence. After two thousand years of conflict, it is time to face The Awful Truth, science and religion are both wrong about God and Human Existence. See the link, Prayer: Truth vs. Myth on the Navigator.

Author’s Note to my Brothers and Sisters in Science and Religion
I am Your Galileo. I have solved the “mystery” of human existence. My forty years of independent research on the archeological and historical evidence reveals that humans are the consummate creation of the Almighty God. We were created to replace Lucifer and the fallen angels in the hierarchy of heaven, allowed to “Inherit the Earth” as the preeminent beings of the modern world, and are destined to rule the universe with God in eternity. The empirical evidence affirming that construct, is without limit. See the Discovery link before leaving the website.

Truth is like the dirt under the snow, know it now, or know it later, but an intellectual spring, followed by a summer of Truth, will come to academia in 2023. You have a choice; stonewall, like the dark age priests, or use your God-given logic to honestly consider the evidence and send us a peer-review.

Academia Abhors the word Truth. Intellectuals say, “it is arrogant to claim to know the truth;” consequently, the lack of knowledge is now a sign of Intellectual Sophistication in the Ivory Towers of Academia.

If not knowing the truth is now considered a sign of Sophistication by the Intellectual Class; What is Ignorance? What is Academia, a Cult of Blind Believers?

Warning his disciples against the erroneous teachings of the Intellectual Class in Jerusalem, Messiah Said:

Ignore them: they are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. Mat. 15:14

Humanity has followed Academia into an Ideological Ditch. The consequences: endless holy wars, holocausts, jihads, and violent atheistic revolutions; followed by, the corruption of morals, and the debasing of human dignity.

Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Atheists, we are all trying to defend the flawed and contradictory “beliefs” of ideological science and religion; therefore, we cannot reach agreement. It is time to face The Awful Truth:

Religion is a modern pretense to an ancient reality, and Atheistic “Science” is a reactionary ideological cult.

Note to the Atheists: those who founded your cult made a tragic mistake when they went to war against the concept of God’s existence and called for “tolerance” in religion. God’s existence can be verified with empirical evidence; religion’s ability to communicate with God cannot. You’re barking up the wrong tree!

Intellectuals who live in glass houses love Tolerance. See the link, Tolerance: Truth vs. Myth on the Navigator.

Atheistic “Science” has turned modern academia into a mindless, undisciplined, immoral, ideological cult. Children indoctrinated to “believe” they are Evolving Apes, will behave like animals. They have no wisdom to guide their morals, or reason to plan for the future. They will live for the present. “If it feels good, do it.” Atheistic Evolution is a very destructive, terminally degenerative, corrosive ideology. In addition, it has killed untold millions of people in violent atheistic revolutions, and enslaved entire continents under tyrannical atheistic dictatorships.

Historians & Archeologists: your disciplines hold the key to the “mystery” of Human Existence.
It is time to rescue the history of ancient Israel, including the Bible and Josephus, from the ideological cults of atheistic science and theology, and correlate it with research on the archaeological ruins of the ancient world. That combination of history and archeology will solve the “mystery” of human existence. It’s not a “mystery.”

The Awful Truth is available in the Book Store. It will end the degrading ideologies of science and religion, restore human dignity, and affirm that there is only One Man, One God, and One Truth.

Author, Patrick J. Conway is a Modern Day Galileo.
His astounding discovery, will unite us as Humans, harmonize liberal and conservative politics, and release a worldwide surge of progress and prosperity. Academia is the Problem. Please consider The Solution next.

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