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Historical Realists & Author Patrick J. Conway A 40-year Journey to Freedom

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Author researching Inca ruins in Peru

Mr. Conway is the founding director of Historical Realists International and president of the publishing company Pragmatic Press.

A life-long student of ancient history, both biblical and pagan, he has done field research in Peru and Mexico on the Inca and Maya civilizations. His primary focus is extensive research on the correlation between the historical prophecies of Armageddon, and the collapse of the ancient world.

Truth Liberates; consequently, there is nothing to join. Historical Realists Intl. is a worldwide group of liberated individuals, who combine historical and archaeological research with non-ideological science to free themselves from the endless conflict between science and religion.

Author researching Mayan Ruins in Mexico

Think and go Free; the contradictory beliefs of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Atheistic Science, were formulated in the Dark Ages; however, they have a common origin in the historical chronologies of ancient Israel. To end the violence instigated by their divisive concepts we must face the reality inherent in the cataclysmic events surrounding the destruction of the temple and fall of Jerusalem in a.d.70, followed by the collapse of the ancient world.

Mr. Conway is a modern-day Galileo. We are convinced that his evidence, presented in The Awful Truth, solves the “mystery” of human existence. It will reunite science and religion, harmonize liberal and conservative politics, and release a worldwide surge of progress and prosperity. Bookstore

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