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Harvard Professor

Dear Mr. Conway,

Just a note to thank you for your book, “The Awful Truth”.
I am in the process of reading it with great interest.

— Dr. Armand M. Nicholi.
(Moderator, Harvard University documentary,
The Question Of God.)

Physics Professor

I do not normally take time to write reviews, but for this work I will make an exception.

I met Mr. Conway in Physics-chat and I have seen him suffer virulent personal attacks from both atheistic and religious believers alike, which I think speaks to the validity of his discovery.

For the longest time I resisted reading this book, because (as an atheist) I was convinced that there was no God. I must admit that Mr. Conway’s research on the collapse of the ancient world has brought to light many things ignored by academics, either deliberately or in ignorance. I cannot say that I agree with all of the conclusions in The Awful Truth, but this work has forced me to reconsider all that I have learned in my years as both a student and physics teacher. I think it does present a plausible solution to the mystery of human existence that demands additional research.

The Awful Truth is well written, carefully researched and presented in a cogent manner that will be enjoyed by both scholar and amateur alike – quite an achievement!


From: “Michel”

Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 12:06:58 -0400

To: “Patrick Conway” (

Subject: About your book……. M. Conway,

 Allow me to first congratulate you for your well written book. Within one week I read the book because I couldn’t let go of it ……I must admit that I agree almost 100% on what you say. However I have a feeling that we shall never know what really happened in the past.

Reverend Gregory

Dear Patrick

I have read and re-read your book “The Awful Truth” and find it fascinating. As a Lutheran pastor I find that I can agree with much that you write. The fulfillment of ancient prophecy with the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD in indeed a very likely scenario for me. I do think that much of today’s Christianity is obsessed with “Armageddon” expectancy to the detriment of the real message that should be out in the world. With the focus so centered on fulfilling a future prophecy the “Gospel” aspect toward mankind is lost at the expense of works righteousness, judgmental attitude of what truth is, which “god”, etc.

Too many, perhaps most, come from a “Law” point of view and what we must do in order to please a “god/God”, thereby earning an eternal reward at the expense of loving one another as we should. What is missing is the idea of the “Golden Rule” as you express in your book, which in line with the “Gospel”. The “Gospel” view, that is, that we want to or get to love our fellow man in works of service thus fulfilling our purpose or meaning in life.

I have used your site for my search; I am on the “IFZ” discussion site. I, too, am looking for a real solution to our existence on earth that will give true meaning and purpose.

Therefore, I look forward to your planned 2007 new book. Please let me know when it is published so that I too may continue my search for the truth, purpose, existence and meaning of life. Perhaps your new book should be entitled what your motto is “One Man, One God, One Truth.”

A fellow searcher for the truth.

Rev. Gregory


Mr. Conway, I have been reading your book. I am impressed with how rational your hypothesis is (even though at first I thought it absurd).

If I may point out a big problem with the book (and it is just a matter of semantics), which if corrected will give you more academic grounding. Throughout the book you call the humans of the ancient world Neanderthals, and that is incorrect. Neanderthals are not homo sapien-sapien (humans). They are a different species of animal. By the time that the Ancient World was operating 8 – 4000BC, the Neanderthals were mostly if not entirely gone.

I have more to say about the book and the awful truth it proposes, but I am rereading the bible, and brushing up on my mythology first. You are a brave man, and your family sounds it too. Your work is important. I hope that realists are raising eyebrows.

I also hope to meet you in yahoo chat again so I may ask some questions directly to you.

 Thank you for your efforts and sacrifices.



Hello Patrick,

I am not sure whether or not you are aware of this, but I am attending Princeton University right now. I began classes in January. I have had a bit of free time lately, so I read your book. I must say…amazing. It is truly a work of art, and I agree with everything you have written. It has become one of my favorite books, and I also consider it to be one of the most IMPORTANT books of the new century.

 Thanks for your time,




Sent: Saturday, July 13, 2002 4:45 PM

Subject: The Wonderful Truth Mr. Conway,

 Thank you for your book and for offering people a chance to think about what the world is all about. The book nearly leaped out at me from the airport bookshelf. I was lucky enough to purchase a signed copy!

 I studied physics in college and was always put off that there was always “one more unknown” that could not be explained mathematically. I had a fantastic professor who always offered the explanation that “it’s not all for us to know” and that “a higher power” must have had something to do with it.

 I grew up around the Methodist church, but I have always been leery of religion and all the rules that are part of it. I found Sylvia Brown’s work to be especially reassuring and could not help thinking about how your book mirrors the teachings of Sylvia and her church of Gnostic Christians. I would be most interested to hear what the two of you think of each other’s work. If you truly are about One God, One Truth…and I believe both of you are close to the Truth…your language should be able to be unified and your teachings united.

 As a gymnastics teacher I have always seen my role as a supporter to the parents of my students. I have always felt that gymnastics was just a channel through which I could teach right and wrong. To me this has always meant doing as much good as possible and leaving no time for wrong.

 I look forward to a response. Thank you.



 PS – I have recommended your book to Senator Richard Lugar (Indiana). He is a wonderful man with a great sense of truth and I hope he will have a chance to look it over.


Organization: Inside Dentistry

Reply-To: “Kathy ”

Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 05:55:44 -0400

To: (

Subject: The Awful Truth Dear Patrick,

 I’ve just finished reading your book. It caught my eye at a bookstore at La Guardia Airport.

I have a similar history with church and science. How to explain the differences to my two children….my own personal anger, growing up a Southern Baptist, having been taught the fear and playing the “vending machine God” game. As an adult, I am constantly searching for answers. Much of what you present rings true. I long ago abandoned any form of organized religion.

 Obviously, I am recommending your book to everyone I know who is on a similar path…searching for truth.

 Thank you for your work and your courage.

Warm Regards,


Dear Mr. Conway, Last night, (June 6) I listened to your interview on Coast To Coast with George Noory. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to hear you express so clearly the “truths” I’ve also come to know through my many years of searching. I couldn’t help but express my gratitude to God for allowing me to tune in when I did just in time to hear another person bear witness to my own thoughts. It was uplifting to say the least.I am a 72 year old mother and grandmother. I am not a scholar, nor have I had the privilege of an extended education. What I do have is a love for the truth and a belief in our Creator, who I believe to be the God of Israel, though I am not Jewish. I believe the historical teachings in the Hebrew record, the Old Testament. I’ve spent many years in the Protestant Church and almost 20 years as a Jehovah’s Witness. I left that organization in 1978 because it no longer made sense to me. All my life, I’ve searched for an understanding, never quite being satisfied, so I began a study on my own, without listening to anyone else’s interpretation. As I studied the Old Testament with the New, many questions arose which the tenets of Christianity, nor it’s scholars, satisfied. As I read more closely the words of Jesus in the Gospels, I found, as you did, that Jesus spoke to his followers in the present tense. On considering these things, I realized the warnings Jesus gave were to those present with Him, not to generations far off. The warnings would only make sense to those who were there with him, listening to his words. Naturally, with this realization, a whirlwind of questions began to form in my head. Could it be that the whole premise on which Christianity is built is wrong? Have we been deceiving ourselves? Had the Second Coming already taken place? That’s a frightening question to answer with an unreserved and definite “yes” and an extremely lonely one. Still, I’ve come to believe the answer truly is that Jesus has already come back the second time and he’s already taken with him those followers from earth who waited for him to return. I also believe this happened in the year 70 A.D. It’s a subject difficult to introduce to a circle of believers. I knew I was learning something totally unheard of by many and would be unacceptable to most. Nevertheless, I couldn’t deny what I learned. As I continued to read from the histories of Josephus and Tacitus, I found more convincing evidence, and the words of Jesus became more clear.I want to thank you for writing The Awful Truth. I’ve not yet read it, but I look forward to it, knowing that what I’ve already heard from you bears witness with my spirit that it is truth. That is not to say I will agree with every point, however, it is a gift to me to hear someone describe so eloquently what I’ve come to understand through my own private study. Many words of Jesus are mysterious. Perhaps I will never understand their meaning completely. One of Jesus warnings that has concerned me is found in Matthew 7: 13, 14. Jesus said (paraphrasing) “few” would find the “narrow road” to life. In view of the thousands of congregations in Christendom and the various denominations through-out the world, it is a frightening thought that many of us may never find that “narrow road.” My own research has led me to believe the Apostle Paul may have much to do with that fearful possibility. At this point, I’m still searching.Again, thank you so very much for sharing what you’ve learned. It has been a blessing to my life; one I didn’;t expect, but welcome with gratitude.


Author’s  answer to Patricia’s concerns:

The verses you mentioned in Matthew apply exclusively to ancient Israel, and present no danger to modern mankind.

Jesus was choosing a “kingdom / government” from the ancient Israelites, to rule with him in eternity. It was a very select few; therefore, he said narrow is the way, and few there are that go in thereby. The selection of that government ended in AD70.

As to the rest of humanity, we will all go into life after death here on earth, and come under the government / kingdom chosen by the Messiah from the twelve tribes of ancient Israel. ( see 1 Cor. 15:22 & Rom. 5:18) In that existence we will be judged by the leaders of that government for a period of one thousand years. Those who pass that test will receive eternal life, those who fail will receive the second death.

I will explain this in detail in my forthcoming books.

Minister Bill

The Minister —–Original Message—–

From: BILL

Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 10:29 AM

To:Patrick Conway

Subject: Re: RE: RE: Hi Again Pat

 Pat, I am truly enjoying all your sight has to offer. I am learning so much and I almost can’t sleep at night. When I mention your findings to some of my “church” going friends they are telling me that I need to quit reading your stuff! I am beginning to believe what you are saying and it makes perfect sense. As I try to step outside of my Christian thinking and look at things in a realist’s point of view I begin to see how strange and self-righteous we are. I go to a bible study every Monday night at a home and rather than doing a teaching we decided to pray and watch the Presidents speech on the war with Iraq. The prayer leader was praying that GOD would bless our troops and that thru this war let it be an open gate to spread your word to the LOST Muslims. And as that prayer was being spoken I began to think AH HA! Pat hit the head on the money! And I began to think about the 10 commandments that God gave to Moses! Thou shall have no other gods before me! Well there MUST have been other gods if God of Israel said that you are not to worship the “other gods” Right! Pat kudos to you! I have been a “born again” Christian since 1990. I had a very emotional experience when I became one but, as I am real with myself, I begin to understand it was emotion and humans are emotional beings.

 I went to a Bible college in which we had many speakers claim to have seen blind eyes see, the lame walk, and people being raised from the dead. I have read Lester Summeral’s book on deliverance and dealing with demonic forces, I use to be hard-core into pastors such as Rod Parsley, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, and world-renowned speakers. A lot of it is still in my head. I almost feel that 15 years of my life have been wasted away if this is absolutely true. But I can look at it as “a learning experience”. Pat your book has been on my shelf for almost three years. During those years I have been scared to read it because I am having “fun” in my Christian circle but deep DEEP inside I know that this is possibly true. God couldn’t be the creator of something as complicated and dividing as religion. And when I discuss the complications with fellow Christians there response is like “well Bill its not about religion its about relationship” or some witty one liner like that. I am a licensed minister and went to a Pentecostal bible college. I had a good time and made lots of friends and have some GREAT memories. But there were issues and a lot of self-righteousness there too. One of my buddies went to Lee College, and because he was Episcopalian, they prayed for him outside his DORM room to be delivered. He was greatly persecuted. And eventually left. Pat, what about people like John Edwards being able to communicate with the deceased? You know like the Crossing Over TV shows where he is communicating with dead loved ones? Is there ANY validity to that at all? What is your opinion?

 Concerning AD 70, I didn’t even know of its existence until I talked with a Preterest friend who pretty much convinced me that Armageddon had already taken place, but that was NOT yet the return of the Messiah. Thank you for writing your book and I may have some other writings in my library that concur with what you are saying. I have a book that talks about how when the battle of AD 70 occurred the Christians supposedly “Hid in the hills” not to return. I find that sentence awfully peculiar. And when did the DARK ages begin?

 What happened in AD 71? What happened to the Mayans that were under the Tyranny of the gods? Anyway, please answer when you have the time and thank you for helping me out. This has been a life changing experience for me; and I thank you for what you are doing and I know you have had to put up with a lot of persecution for it. AND by the way, I was wondering if I could get permission from you if I could DOWNLOAD your interview in Irvine AND the other Radio interview and burn them on a CD to give to some of my friends? I could possibly give you at least a donation if it’s a yes. – Thanks again

 In Friendship as well,