Intellectual Malpractice that borders on Criminal Negligence

It is time to face The Awful Truth: Academia is the Problem
The “Best Minds in science and religion” have failed to solve the “mystery” of Human Existence. Consequently, they indoctrinate us as children with their contradictory myths of atheism and theology, radicalize our politics, and turn us against each other in endless military and political conflicts.

Academia is the root cause of all Ideological Terrorism
We are not evolving apes, or under the care of a personal God. Neither of these absurd Dark Age “theories and beliefs” describe the reality in which we live; yet, they have caused all of our holy wars and violent atheistic revolutions, radicalized government, education, and politics, and turned humanity against itself in the endless ideological civil war between liberals and conservatives.

Guns don’t Cause Wars: Academia’s Ideologies Cause Wars
It is time for the military to research the violent ideologies of science and religion that have killed and maimed so many of their fellow soldiers, and demand that Academia solve the “Mystery” of human existence.  It’s not a “Mystery.” Armies don’t Cause Wars: Academia’s Ideologies Cause Wars!

Science vs. Religion is the Biggest Problem facing Humanity
Academia’s indoctrination of children into opposing sides of the intellectual jihad between science and religion, while calling for “tolerance” to escape responsibility for the ongoing violence, is patronizing and hypocritical. It reveals a reckless disregard for human life at the highest levels of academia.

Intellectual Malpractice / Criminal Negligence
If a major corporation had produced a product that killed and maimed as many people as the ideologies of academia, the principals of the company would be charged with reckless endangerment.

It is time for Congress to investigate Academia
Academia’s failure to resolve the destructive conflict between science and religion, should be the target of a Congressional Investigation for Intellectual Malpractice that borders on Criminal Negligence.

Academia’s Incompetence is a Dereliction of their duty to Humanity
Do Not Be Deceived, science vs. religion is not about God, Education, or Human Origins; it’s about Power, Pride, Politics, and Money. We will never know peace, as long as those who teach children are jihadists in this mindless ideological power struggle. If you believe you’re an ape, you will behave like an animal. If you believe that God is guiding you, or will forgive you, no crime, act of terrorism, or barbaric war is inconceivable. See Acts 5:1-16.

Never Forget
The people who went to work in the World Trade Center on 9/11 thought that the conflict between science and religion was not their problem; they were wrong! Some of those poor people had to jump from one hundred and ten story buildings to avoid the flames.

Intellectual / Ideological Terrorism
Why do we spend billions of our tax dollars on “Homeland Security,” subject ourselves to body searches at airports, and send our young men and women to fight academia’s ideological wars; while refusing to address the root cause of terrorism: academia’s failure to solve the “mystery” of human existence, and the endless violence instigated by the dark age myths of science and religion? If either one of these contradictory beliefs were true, after thousands of years the argument would be settled. Consequently, there is only one possible conclusion:

Science and Religion are both Wrong about God and Human Existence.

College and University Professors
You have seen the horrendous violence inflicted on humanity by the conflicting beliefs of science and religion; yet, you have not produced a new thought on God and Human Existence since Darwin: 150 years.

How many more wars will it take? How many more genocidal acts of terrorism will be necessary to get you to swallow your pride, and admit, what in your hearts you already know, science and religion are both wrong about God and human existence? Please review Historical Realism and send us a critique. The Discovery

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First-time Visitors
As you read this website, you will see that I speak in very strong terms to the academic community. Please do not think that I’m anti-intellectual; to the contrary, I am very grateful to my brothers and sisters in academia for all of the wonderful advancements they provide to humanity. This website would not be possible without their genius. Nevertheless, we shrink from candid debate at our own peril. I do not hold anyone responsible for the destructive beliefs of atheism and theology. These volatile concepts were formulated in the deep ignorance of the dark ages. Modern intellectuals did not create them; therefore, they should not feel the need to defend the indefensible. However, the elites in science and theology have known about this violent intellectual conflict for decades and made no attempt to resolve the problem. Intellectuals have not produced a new concept on human existence since the time of Darwin, and they deliberately ignore the violence of atheism. Academia seems to be in a mind-freeze or paradigm lock. See Chapter Six of my book The Awful Truth; titled, Paradigm Lock, Educated Ignorance, and the Amoral Majority,” Bookstore.

Rock the Ivory Towers of Academia
Atheistic “Science” and “Theology” are the pinnacles of academia. Do those intellectual “theories and beliefs” bring us peace, or ideological divisions that radicalize government, education, and politics, and lead to violence in society? See the link Faith vs. Belief on the Navigator.

High School and University Students, please ask your professors to respond to our request for a review. We will post all comments, positive and negative, on the website; use this link Customer Service.

We all know that the Public School System, like the dark-age church, is a bureaucracy that is incapable of change from within. Bureaucratic “teachers” will continue to indoctrinate the world’s children with the divisive ideologies they received in their atheistic / theological universities. That outlook does not provide any hope that academia will discover the truth required to end the violence caused by their mindless ideological power struggle or educate our children in a manner that would produce a unified, peaceful, and moral society.

The Most Dangerous People on Earth
Teachers indoctrinated by science and theology are the most dangerous people on Earth.
See Teachers / Instructors: Truth vs. Myth on the Navigator.

The Second Most Dangerous Group of People on Earth

Those indoctrinated to believe an atheistic or theological myth by a “Teacher,” and given the power to wage war.

Insanity: doing the same thing while hoping for a different result
The only entity powerful enough to stop academia’s ongoing indoctrination of children into opposing sides of this violent “intellectual” jihad, is the government; therefore, we must appeal to that authority.

Liberals and Conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, Tea Party, Independents, and Libertarians, it is time to face The Awful Truth: Academia is the Problem – has the Solution. Please e-mail this link to your Representatives in Congress. Ask them to launch an investigation into Academia’s failure to solve the “mystery” of human existence, and the endless violence instigated by the mindless ideological power struggle between science and religion. Invite them to visit 

The Awful Truth is Available in the Book Store. It will end the degrading ideologies of science and religion, harmonize liberal and conservative politics, restore human dignity, and release a worldwide surge of progress and prosperity.

Author, Patrick J. Conway is a Modern Day Galileo
His astounding discovery will unite us as Humans and forever change the way we view ourselves, science, religion, and the gods of the ancient world. Please consider our world-changing solution: The Discovery.

Consider The Empirical Evidence next.

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