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Dear Patrick Conway,

Although I haven’t read the complete work as of yet, I have studied chapter 2 and most of chapter 1.. Your ideas have taken my search for truth to new levels and have brought many things to my attention. eg. I have not of yet studied Darwin’s Thesis in depth, but you have brought many errors to light on that subject. At the time of reading I was already familiar with the writings of Josephus, and have done some level of study relating to the Pyramid and the Inca civilization, so I had a good basis for studying your theories.. You present your work in an easy to read manner, yet to the point, which will be enjoyed and studied by scholar and amateur alike. A notable achievement and I commend you on it.


King Of All Fools

From: KingOfAllFools


Subject: reviews I noticed that your site does not have a link for readers to send reviews of their own. I find that interesting, considering you ( I can only assume it was the real author of this book in chat ) asked me to go ahead and make a review. I read your site and book, you may remember me, I am a geologist. Your emperical evidence section was quite amusing. Your conclusions are some of the worst psuedo-scientific tripe. You site not one fact that can be supported scientifically, only by you making the assumption that “gods must have done it.”

 I imagine that readers are not allowed to make reviews because your site would be replete with unfavorable reviews. I did note that your UCI review was audio only. I figured that I would not be satisfied with this review, as you were touting it in chat. This audio could simply be you and your gardener for all anyone knows.

 I wonder why you call everyone involved in science and atheist, not all are. You seem to have some major issues. Also, I noticed that your “criticisms answered” section was entirely YOUR words…not those of others. Are you in the practice of self criticizing?

 Oh well, you asked for me to review your book and site, and here it is…from 1 to 10, 10 being best…I gave it a 2. 2 mainly because the grammar and spelling were on a high level. You research and study of ancient cultures was less than worthy of print.

 J. J….


 Author’s note:

I posted this “review,” even though it is mostly a personal attack, because it does have one criticism of the actual work.

 My position that gods created the sophisticated civilizations of the ancient world is based on thousands of years of history. Those chronologies, from every continent of the globe, were written by meticulous scribes and historians who were on the scene. They clearly state that they were interacting with supernatural forces called “gods.” The artifacts and ruins support their claim.

 I was excited by the “2” the “reviewer” gave for spelling and grammar, until I realized his review had two spelling errors and several grammatical mistakes.

 See “emperical evidence” and “psuedo-scientific.”

 I suppose we should not rate a geologist on his spelling and grammar; notwithstanding, a review should be based on the merits, and more than merely personal attack. As to my “gardener” being on the UCI interview, he is male and barely speaks English. The moderator is female and has wonderful diction


Dear Mr. Conway,

I have completed your book “The Awful Truth” and found it to be extremely well articulated, researched and presented as a sound explanation for the general scheme of things. I was particularly intrigued by your version of the events in Jerusalem in AD 70 which I knew little about. I am consequently looking into this matter in more detail. One of the major issues I felt you did not address at all however, is that of the Ruach Ha Kodesh or “holy spirit of God” which is bestowed upon receptive people. And – along the same lines – negative spiritism such as séances, demon possession etc. I personally know people who have engaged in Séances and had inexplicable communications with supernatural beings – who were quite plainly manifesting themselves in this modern age.

 I would be interested in your response.

 Once again thank you for your book and congratulations on the elaborate and innovative job you have done with it.



From: John

Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 12:23:25 -0700 (PDT)

To:Patrick Conway(

Subject: Re: The Awful Truth I read your book and thought it was well written and thoughtful. I cannot comment on whether or not I think the events predicted in Revelations already occurred with the fall of the mentioned temple and city as I haven’t read the relevant chapters in Bible. When I have time I will get around to it. I had to disagree with the interpretation you gave of ancient civilizations: you stated that they were composed of slaves under bloodthirsty, sadistic and evil rulers. I would say, some, but not all, were this way. The Egyptian rulers for example weren’t all evil. I think that some of these civilizations’ peoples were composed of what Genesis 6:4 calls the “sons of God” or the “Nihilism”. Further, from reading the Old Testament and the Book of Enoch we can see that some, but not all, of the Nihilism became evil.


John A.

From: “John A”

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Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 23:06:09 -0500

To: (

Subject: E-mail address update Hi Patrick

 Just been browsing your website, and am excited that you posted some messages from others! I think I’m about ready to purchase another book as this one is about to come apart from reading it constantly and carrying it with me where ever I go or work. Some of the pages are beginning to fall out and I have to try to keep them in order. I wouldn’t hesitate to say it is the most used and abused book on my shelves or desk where ever it may lay!!!! Mainly I’m writing to update my e-mail address which has changed since my book purchase and small review I returned. I’m happy to hear of a possible forum or discussion in the works and please inform me when that is about to materialize. Thanks again and keep me posted.



D.T. Smith

Dear Mr. Conway,

I have just finished reading your book & it was one of the best books I’ve read in my 44 years on this Earth. Your concepts and insight are remarkable. I agree 100% with your views & conclusions.

 I was left with a question, however. If we were in fact put here by God, & he has “left the planet”, what are we left with? In which direction do we head? How do we select a criteria (religion?) for living? If “religion” & “science” aren’t to be trusted, what do we “believe” in?


 D.T. Smith



Dear Mr. Conway

 Was refreshing to know that after all these year’s of searching for some truth, there are people out there that reflect my beliefs…

 If there is anything that I can do to promote the cause, I would be willing to do so…

 I was at a chat room(beyond) when you or someone representing the Realists entered…




From: Norton

Sent: Sunday, December 29, 2002 10:53 PM

Subject: (no subject) Hello.

 I have read your book and found it absolutely compelling. Please keep me posted regarding further developments and dialogue of The Realists.




From: Morgan

Sent: Monday, December 30, 2002 5:30 PM

Subject: Re: Questions Dear Mr. Conway,

 Thank you so much for responding to my inquiries. Your book has really rattled my cage. As a philosophy student in college and out, these questions have been in the forefront of my thoughts for as long as I can remember. You pinned me perfectly in your description of the fellow who walks the fence of science and religion by proclaiming that God’s creation develops through evolution. But in the back of my mind there was always something that didn’t quite resound with either one those paradigms–evolution & biblical accounts.

 I have long wondered why the question of how civilization backslid from the ancient glories to the heinous Dark Ages has not been THE QUESTION addressed by scholars & clergy alike.

 I have felt the need for a higher connection most of my life, & I’m not sure where your account leaves me . . . Despite my doubts & wandering faith, my life seems to run smoother with prayer & meditation. I have so many questions that I would like to ask you, but I’ll ask just a few at this point: Are you equating the God of Abraham with the God of the Universe, or do you believe there is a higher, de-personalized Spirit of the Universe? Also, are you familiar with Z. Sitchin’s work, & what do you think of it?

 For your info, I got your book from my mother, who ordered it from Amazon. I will be forwarding your web site, as well as recommending your book to MANY folks–friends, family, & fellow seekers. Thank you again for your correspondence. I look forward to new developments, and have taken up research of my own.




From: karen

Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2003 10:55 AM

Subject: I have just finished reading The Awful Truth. I could not put it down. I was raised in the Catholic church with all the guilt it entails. I just want to express that this book is the most open and truthful thing I have ever read. My father, a Deacon in the church claims to be too old to change his point of view and that makes me sad – he wouldn’t even look at the book. I am currently going through a lot of life changes and I just wanted Mr. Conway to know that his book has helped in ways I cannot explain. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says since I consider my personal relationship with God to be a real and physical thing but I understand that some of the most fanatical “Christians” question their belief since they haven’t experienced this relationship.

 I just wanted to say thanks.