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From: John

Sent: Monday, April 28, 2003 11:00 AM


Subject: Advanced Copy Reader Dear Mr. Conway

 How soon are we talking about this next book? I’ve been an avid reader of your first book and am anxiously awaiting this next! Please put me on the list.

 Regards John


From: Jarek

Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2003 12:26 PM


Subject: Could you put me on the Advanced Copy Readers please? Thank you very much for the book I received it and will send the money order as soon as possible. I am already done with about half the book and I can’t put it down.

 Thanks again,



From: Claudia

Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2003 4:48 PM


Subject: Re: New Year’s Message From The International Realists Mr. Conway,

 Best wishes for a new year filled with many discoveries. We bought your book and encourage others to do so.




From: Gary

Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 4:39 PM


Subject: the awful truth I was fortunate enough to get to speak to Mr. Conway in a chat room in 2001. (at least, he said he was and I believed him)

 At that time you only offered the first chapter or so of the book, and it amazed and fascinated me. I was so pleased to see that the entire book is now available. After reading it and the reading it again, I am just as amazed as I was then, perhaps more so.

 I have recommended to many. I often frequent religious chat rooms. It amazes me how closed minded people are regarding the realist movement. What amazes me more is, here is a book that tries to prove God’s existence, backs up the bible, and denounces atheism and Darwinism, and yet, “Christians” seem to run away from it. That in itself shows me why this book is so historically important, and crucial for anyone searching for the truth of God.

 Thank you Mr. Conway for your intense research and dedication. It would not surprise me if this information could perhaps stop so much killing in the World. Sadly, so few people seem to be able to read your work with an open mind. More’s the pity.

 On a personal note, I read the reviews of your book by someone else fromIndiana, and they referred to Sen. Richard Lugar as a “good man”. How ironic, considering he is a politician. Personally, I think politician and good man, when used together are oxy-morons. Kind of like, “honest lawyer” or “open minded Minister”.

 Thanks again!


Gary Adams

From: Gary Adams

Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2010 2:20 PM

To: :;

Subject: Thank You

 Reviewer: A reader

 Wow and more Wow! I find it difficult to put into words the value of your Awful Truth.

 I was born in 1938 as I think you said you were whether that means anything or not I do not know. My early religious experience was Lutheran and enforced by a domineering Mother, however I loved her dearly, Dad did not play much of a role in upbringing just the go to guy for mom as the enforcer. somehow I managed to survive teen years got married (1959) to a good Catholic girl and we have been squabbling ever since. I finally gave up the booze and smokes in about 1986 now under great control everything will be fine–yea-right.

 What I really wanted to convey was my ever searching for the meaning of life and had no success and believe me I have turned over many stones and pages and consider myself a bit knowledgeable of many worldly things. One of my much used statements is “why is that all these humans on this planet cannot live together in peace ?” and you have done a great service to me by answering that question. I have 4 children 1 girl and 3boys. Two sons live close and we have a great relationships, always talking a little philosophy and history now I have your timeline I will get their attention real quickly.

 I do not know what else to say but thank you again. You have filled a void in my knowledge bank that I did not think I would ever complete. thanks again.

 Keep up the good works

 Gary Adams


Dear Mr. Conway,

I finished reading The Awful Truth (Complete) this morning. I have always been uncomfortable with our lack of knowledge/understanding of our true origin/place in the universe especially considering all that our science seemed to have going for it (human evolutionary theory aside). I was raised in a strict Christian home (my father was a Presbyterian minister). My parents so wanted me to believe as they did. Heck, I wanted to believe as they did, if only for the sake of my own immortality, but it was never real enough for me and didn't make enough sense to me that we have been left “on hold” for so long.

I became one of those who thought God must have used evolution to create mankind. Too bad the evidence doesn’t support that idea. I have been an unhappy “hybrid” for all these years. Now, after reading your book, I feel liberated! You have made all the pieces fall into place! If only people could have grasped the significance of the events of A.D. 70 at the time! Obviously I think your conclusions are plausible and probably correct. I say probably because it will take me a while to reprogram my thinking.

Anyway, I am already feeling less guilty about disappointing my parents for not being a proper Christian, and that is reason enough to thank you. Your point of view is so refreshing and important. I will be sending copies of your work and links to your website to all my friends. Everyone needs to read your work. I think raising the consciousness of all human beings to accept a new paradigm will take a long time, but I predict the future will eventually be a much better place because of your efforts.

By the way, my father has passed away so he no doubt knows the full truth in his new existence. As for my mother and others like her who are life-long devout Christians, she will probably not be receptive in this physical lifetime. I don’t imagine Islamic terrorists will be either. It is a shame that there has been and will continue to be for some time so much needless violence and hatred stemming from such false belief systems…

I will be reading more on your website and doing what I can. Keep up the good work and thanks again!





I have just finished reading the Awful Truth. WOW. Being a relatively new believer in Jesus Christ, this book has made me question many things. I am so very interested in your studies and arguments and I would love to be among the first to read your next book. Please inform me when you might be releasing this new book. I can hardly wait.

Thank you for your serious dedication to the truth and please know that you are only making a positive contribution towards society. If only everyone was as dedicated to the truth as you are then God would have probably taken all of us to heaven. Ha HA.

Keep up the great work.


Karachi Pakistan



Rob W.
Excellent work.should be required reading for all high school students worldwide

(won’t happen)

only hope is that people will turn off CNN or FOXnews long enough to actually pick up a book in the first place

(probably won’t happen)

Rob W.

Foreword Magazine

From: Foreword Magazine

Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 11:19 AM


Subject: The Awful Truth AuthorPatrick Conwayhas bold ideas about the meaning of human existence in the universe and he wastes no time in getting right to the point in his book The Awful Truth.

 “We are not evolving primates, nor under the care of a personal God!” he states emphatically in the Preface. “These conflicting intellectual concepts are inherently flawed; neither will survive as a viable explanation for human existence because they do not describe the reality in which we live.”

 The theory that we grew from the apes is false,Conwaysays, in part because all other creatures live in harmony with nature, except man. Creationism doesn’t pass muster either because throughout its history, the Christian Church has made it a practice to simply choose to negate any new scientific discoveries that might weaken the faith of its followers.

 While this book allows a committed belief in God, it is a belief that includes the idea that God has completed his experiment with conscious life on earth, and has ended his communication with us except through the Bible.

 “The Awful Truth” of the title is Conway’s assertion that visiting alien forces, climactic change, disease and immorality have all contributed to a collapse of a perfect, ancient world and also in making man the flawed being he is today.

 In defense of his argument,Conwaydetails historic assumptions of the greatest magnitude which we now know turned out to be false: for example, the earth was once believed to be the center of the universe.

 Conway’s writing is clear and surprisingly easy to understand, considering the weighty issues he examines. He is at his best debunking both science and religion, though flaws appear when he analysizes historical happenings like the Holocaust, the Arab/Israel conflict, and the World Wars. More than a few short pages are needed to fully grasp the significance of these events.

 This author should be commended for daring to struggle with these issues, even if the reader doesn’t always agree with his theories. He is correct in one important regard: Man still hasn’t embraced his role as ruler of life on our fragile planet.

 -A.D. Larsen