Endless Conflict

Liberal vs. Conservative, Science vs. Religion, God vs. no-God, Left vs. Right

All of these destructive conflicts are rooted in Government and Academia.

These ideological conflicts are a form of mind control used by cult-like elitists in Government and Academia. They indoctrinate us as children, radicalize our politics, and turn us against each other in endless conflict as liberals and conservatives. It is time to end these destructive conflicts.

The Awful Truth: Academia failed to solve the “Mystery” of Human Existence.;

That colossal failure caused all of the holy wars, holocausts, jihads, and violent atheistic revolutions of history. It is the root cause of all ideological and religious terrorism.

Humans: Who are we, How did we get here, Is there life after death?

The Problem: The answers to these critical questions are readily available; however, they are overlooked by the “experts,” because they do not fit the unproven theories and beliefs of ideological science and religion.

The Solution: The historic discovery, presented on the next link, will end these destructive conflicts, harmonize liberal and conservative politics, and solve the “Mystery” of Human Existence.

United We Will Stand, See the Future: The Discovery