What will you learn on this Website?
After forty years of research on the biblical and pagan histories of the ancient world,
I assure you that what you are about to read is the Truth:

  • Humans were exiled on the earth at the dawn of history.
  • Supernatural beings (gods) ruled the Earth in the ancient world.
  • The Battle of Armageddon caused the Collapse of the Ancient World.
  • That world-ending cataclysm coincided with the destruction of the temple
    and fall of Jerusalem, and humans inherited the Earth.
  • We are not Evolving Apes.
  • The Bible is a closed history. It is not a handbook for religion.
  • Every human will enter Life after Death / Exile here on Earth.

One Man, One God, One Truth
The world-changing discovery, presented on the next link, will end the conflict between science and religion, harmonize liberal and conservative politics, and solve the “mystery” of human existence.

See Your Future:  The Discovery