Gary Adams

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Subject: Thank You

 Reviewer: A reader

 Wow and more Wow! I find it difficult to put into words the value of your Awful Truth.

 I was born in 1938 as I think you said you were whether that means anything or not I do not know. My early religious experience was Lutheran and enforced by a domineering Mother, however I loved her dearly, Dad did not play much of a role in upbringing just the go to guy for mom as the enforcer. somehow I managed to survive teen years got married (1959) to a good Catholic girl and we have been squabbling ever since. I finally gave up the booze and smokes in about 1986 now under great control everything will be fine–yea-right.

 What I really wanted to convey was my ever searching for the meaning of life and had no success and believe me I have turned over many stones and pages and consider myself a bit knowledgeable of many worldly things. One of my much used statements is “why is that all these humans on this planet cannot live together in peace ?” and you have done a great service to me by answering that question. I have 4 children 1 girl and 3boys. Two sons live close and we have a great relationships, always talking a little philosophy and history now I have your timeline I will get their attention real quickly.

 I do not know what else to say but thank you again. You have filled a void in my knowledge bank that I did not think I would ever complete. thanks again.

 Keep up the good works

 Gary Adams