Reverend Gregory

Dear Patrick

I have read and re-read your book “The Awful Truth” and find it fascinating. As a Lutheran pastor I find that I can agree with much that you write. The fulfillment of ancient prophecy with the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD in indeed a very likely scenario for me. I do think that much of today’s Christianity is obsessed with “Armageddon” expectancy to the detriment of the real message that should be out in the world. With the focus so centered on fulfilling a future prophecy the “Gospel” aspect toward mankind is lost at the expense of works righteousness, judgmental attitude of what truth is, which “god”, etc.

Too many, perhaps most, come from a “Law” point of view and what we must do in order to please a “god/God”, thereby earning an eternal reward at the expense of loving one another as we should. What is missing is the idea of the “Golden Rule” as you express in your book, which in line with the “Gospel”. The “Gospel” view, that is, that we want to or get to love our fellow man in works of service thus fulfilling our purpose or meaning in life.

I have used your site for my search; I am on the “IFZ” discussion site. I, too, am looking for a real solution to our existence on earth that will give true meaning and purpose.

Therefore, I look forward to your planned 2007 new book. Please let me know when it is published so that I too may continue my search for the truth, purpose, existence and meaning of life. Perhaps your new book should be entitled what your motto is “One Man, One God, One Truth.”

A fellow searcher for the truth.

Rev. Gregory