From: Gary

Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 4:39 PM


Subject: the awful truth I was fortunate enough to get to speak to Mr. Conway in a chat room in 2001. (at least, he said he was and I believed him)

 At that time you only offered the first chapter or so of the book, and it amazed and fascinated me. I was so pleased to see that the entire book is now available. After reading it and the reading it again, I am just as amazed as I was then, perhaps more so.

 I have recommended to many. I often frequent religious chat rooms. It amazes me how closed minded people are regarding the realist movement. What amazes me more is, here is a book that tries to prove God’s existence, backs up the bible, and denounces atheism and Darwinism, and yet, “Christians” seem to run away from it. That in itself shows me why this book is so historically important, and crucial for anyone searching for the truth of God.

 Thank you Mr. Conway for your intense research and dedication. It would not surprise me if this information could perhaps stop so much killing in the World. Sadly, so few people seem to be able to read your work with an open mind. More’s the pity.

 On a personal note, I read the reviews of your book by someone else fromIndiana, and they referred to Sen. Richard Lugar as a “good man”. How ironic, considering he is a politician. Personally, I think politician and good man, when used together are oxy-morons. Kind of like, “honest lawyer” or “open minded Minister”.

 Thanks again!