Mr. Conway, I have been reading your book. I am impressed with how rational your hypothesis is (even though at first I thought it absurd).

If I may point out a big problem with the book (and it is just a matter of semantics), which if corrected will give you more academic grounding. Throughout the book you call the humans of the ancient world Neanderthals, and that is incorrect. Neanderthals are not homo sapien-sapien (humans). They are a different species of animal. By the time that the Ancient World was operating 8 – 4000BC, the Neanderthals were mostly if not entirely gone.

I have more to say about the book and the awful truth it proposes, but I am rereading the bible, and brushing up on my mythology first. You are a brave man, and your family sounds it too. Your work is important. I hope that realists are raising eyebrows.

I also hope to meet you in yahoo chat again so I may ask some questions directly to you.

 Thank you for your efforts and sacrifices.