Sent: Saturday, July 13, 2002 4:45 PM

Subject: The Wonderful Truth Mr. Conway,

 Thank you for your book and for offering people a chance to think about what the world is all about. The book nearly leaped out at me from the airport bookshelf. I was lucky enough to purchase a signed copy!

 I studied physics in college and was always put off that there was always “one more unknown” that could not be explained mathematically. I had a fantastic professor who always offered the explanation that “it’s not all for us to know” and that “a higher power” must have had something to do with it.

 I grew up around the Methodist church, but I have always been leery of religion and all the rules that are part of it. I found Sylvia Brown’s work to be especially reassuring and could not help thinking about how your book mirrors the teachings of Sylvia and her church of Gnostic Christians. I would be most interested to hear what the two of you think of each other’s work. If you truly are about One God, One Truth…and I believe both of you are close to the Truth…your language should be able to be unified and your teachings united.

 As a gymnastics teacher I have always seen my role as a supporter to the parents of my students. I have always felt that gymnastics was just a channel through which I could teach right and wrong. To me this has always meant doing as much good as possible and leaving no time for wrong.

 I look forward to a response. Thank you.



 PS – I have recommended your book to Senator Richard Lugar (Indiana). He is a wonderful man with a great sense of truth and I hope he will have a chance to look it over.