Physics Professor

I do not normally take time to write reviews, but for this work I will make an exception.

I met Mr. Conway in Physics-chat and I have seen him suffer virulent personal attacks from both atheistic and religious believers alike, which I think speaks to the validity of his discovery.

For the longest time I resisted reading this book, because (as an atheist) I was convinced that there was no God. I must admit that Mr. Conway’s research on the collapse of the ancient world has brought to light many things ignored by academics, either deliberately or in ignorance. I cannot say that I agree with all of the conclusions in The Awful Truth, but this work has forced me to reconsider all that I have learned in my years as both a student and physics teacher. I think it does present a plausible solution to the mystery of human existence that demands additional research.

The Awful Truth is well written, carefully researched and presented in a cogent manner that will be enjoyed by both scholar and amateur alike – quite an achievement!