Dear Mr. Conway,

I have completed your book “The Awful Truth” and found it to be extremely well articulated, researched and presented as a sound explanation for the general scheme of things. I was particularly intrigued by your version of the events in Jerusalem in AD 70 which I knew little about. I am consequently looking into this matter in more detail. One of the major issues I felt you did not address at all however, is that of the Ruach Ha Kodesh or “holy spirit of God” which is bestowed upon receptive people. And – along the same lines – negative spiritism such as séances, demon possession etc. I personally know people who have engaged in Séances and had inexplicable communications with supernatural beings – who were quite plainly manifesting themselves in this modern age.

 I would be interested in your response.

 Once again thank you for your book and congratulations on the elaborate and innovative job you have done with it.