Dear Mr. Conway,

I finished reading The Awful Truth (Complete) this morning. I have always been uncomfortable with our lack of knowledge/understanding of our true origin/place in the universe especially considering all that our science seemed to have going for it (human evolutionary theory aside). I was raised in a strict Christian home (my father was a Presbyterian minister). My parents so wanted me to believe as they did. Heck, I wanted to believe as they did, if only for the sake of my own immortality, but it was never real enough for me and didn't make enough sense to me that we have been left “on hold” for so long.

I became one of those who thought God must have used evolution to create mankind. Too bad the evidence doesn’t support that idea. I have been an unhappy “hybrid” for all these years. Now, after reading your book, I feel liberated! You have made all the pieces fall into place! If only people could have grasped the significance of the events of A.D. 70 at the time! Obviously I think your conclusions are plausible and probably correct. I say probably because it will take me a while to reprogram my thinking.

Anyway, I am already feeling less guilty about disappointing my parents for not being a proper Christian, and that is reason enough to thank you. Your point of view is so refreshing and important. I will be sending copies of your work and links to your website to all my friends. Everyone needs to read your work. I think raising the consciousness of all human beings to accept a new paradigm will take a long time, but I predict the future will eventually be a much better place because of your efforts.

By the way, my father has passed away so he no doubt knows the full truth in his new existence. As for my mother and others like her who are life-long devout Christians, she will probably not be receptive in this physical lifetime. I don’t imagine Islamic terrorists will be either. It is a shame that there has been and will continue to be for some time so much needless violence and hatred stemming from such false belief systems…

I will be reading more on your website and doing what I can. Keep up the good work and thanks again!