The Evidence

If "Religion is the Opiate of the Masses," Science is the Opiate of the Intellectual Classes.

Do you really believe you're an Evolving Ape, or that God will Take Your Call? It's time to end this destructive conflict. It is the root cause of all of humanity's holy wars, holocausts, jihads, violent atheistic revolutions, and the radicalization of liberal vs. conservative politics.

Topics for Discussion

Atheism: A “Noble Lie”

Atheism is Destroying the American Dream

Religion is a modern pretense to an ancient reality and Atheism is a reactionary ideological cult.

In God we Trust

America’s founding motto is: “In God we Trust.”

Atheism is antithetical to America’s founding precepts. So why is academia indoctrinating America’s children with Atheistic Evolution? 

Atheists caused violent revolutions in Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Why is academia advocating this violent ideology?  They indoctrinate our children with atheism, and turn them against their parents and their country as radical atheistic zealots.

Atheism is a belief about God
As such, it is a godless Anti-American religion. Darwin is its messiah. Evolution is its atheistic creation myth. Liberalism, socialism, and ideological science are its Dogmas, and God and “Racism” are its evil adversaries. Why are Government, “science,” and Academia indoctrinating every child in elementary school with this radical Anti-American ideology? It should be banned from academia and government under the separation of church and state statute.

Do you really believe you’re an evolving ape, or that God will take your call?

America, the country’s founders placed our Trust in God; not religion, ideological science, atheism, or evolution.

Atheism is a Tyrannical Belief
In countries where the atheists have taken control over the government, there is no diversity. If you hold a different belief, you lose your job. If you advocate that belief, you go to jail or you are killed. It takes a violent revolution to change a government run by atheists. When the Russian people managed to overthrow the cult of atheism in the Soviet Union, all of Eastern Europe was bankrupt. Atheistic scientists and military officers were starving in the streets of Moscow. They were forced to sell themselves, as well as their nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, to the highest bidder. Among those bidding were: rogue states, criminals, and theological terrorists – they intend to use those weapons on you and your family. Atheism caused the violent revolutions of: Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Korea. It caused the Korean and Vietnam wars, the Cold War, the arms race, and left us with deteriorating nuclear, biological and chemical arsenals. Atheistic violence killed an estimated thirty million people in Europe and forty million in Asia.

Atheistic / Ideological Science
Atheistic /amoral “science” is the most destructive ideology of human history. Unlike even our inherently flawed “religions,” it lacks an overarching god-like moral authority to guide its research, which makes it extremely dangerous. If not addressed soon, the unintended consequences of a lack of moral restraint on genetic manipulation and weaponized biology, not “climate change,” could threaten the very survival of human existence.

The Covid19 Pandemic
Update 2020: did the Covid19 virus come from a science / military lab in Atheistic China? Think about it! 

The Covid19 virus reveals that atheistic / ideological “science” poses a far greater risk to human survival than false religion. Covid19 wasn’t created by a lab,  China, or a Bat. It was created by atheistic scientists who stand in the place of God; consequently, they think they can improve His Creation by manipulating nature and the environment. Covid19 spread around the world in a matter of months, and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

“Scientists” design our nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, and turn us against each other in endless ideological and military conflicts. These are very dangerous self-righteous ideologues.  Their reactionary ideology has killed more people than Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Paganism combined.

Atheism – Academia’s “Noble Lie”
In Plato’s Republic, written in BC380, he envisioned a Utopian City where an elite class of intellectuals would have dictatorial rule over the masses. He conjured a “Noble Lie,” designed to separate children from their parents, and indoctrinate them to love and serve the state. In Plato’s Utopia, children would be taught that humans were born from the earth, rather than their parents. See the link Noble Lies of Science and Religion on the Navigator.

Ideological “Science”
Plato’s Republic influenced the thinking of intellectuals and scientists in the dark ages. Years later, they would use his concept of a Utopian “Noble Lie,” to pervert the research of Darwin. They changed Plato’s absurd concept that humans evolved from the earth, to the equally absurd “humans evolved from the apes.” As a result, the myth of evolution was imposed on every child in school. The “theory of evolution” is a reincarnation of Plato’s “Noble Lie.” It is not about education or human origins; it is Brainwashing, and Mind Control of the Masses.

The Theory of Evolution; is an Atheistic Creation Myth
Evolution does provide a “theory” for our existence; however, unlike the Bible, it does not provide a purpose. The Bible gives humanity hope of an afterlife. Without an afterlife, there is no reason to live a moral life, or purpose for human existence. Atheism is a “belief” about God. As such, it is a reactionary religion. Is Atheism a rejection of God, or a reactionary rejection of Religion? Think about it.

The Results
After two hundred years, the consequences of using evolution to drive a wedge between religious parents and their children are obvious to all but the elites in science and academia. Children indoctrinated to believe that they evolved from the apes, will behave like animals. They have no truth to guide their morals, or wisdom to impart to their offspring.

Truth is Simple and Liberating
Humans that know who they are, their purpose here in death, and where they go next, are truly free. They will not believe the “Noble Lies” of an elite class of intellectuals, or forfeit their God-Given Inalienable Rights to either an atheistic or theological dictator. They will revere both God and their fellow-man, and behave in an honorable and dignified manner. See the link Life and Death; the Truth on the Navigator.

Atheistic / Theological Government
Atheistic amoral government lacks an external authority by which the governed can judge the morality of the laws imposed on society. This leads to tyranny, and the eventual collapse or violent overthrow of the government. The same can be said for modern-day religious “theocracies.” The inability of the governing clerics to communicate with God, causes them to act arbitrarily in His Name. Like the atheistic dictatorships, this leads to the same end: tyranny, followed by a collapse of the government, or violent revolution.

The American Republic, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, were formed by men who believed in God – Not Religion; therefore, they incorporated a freedom of (and from) religion clause into the Bill of Rights. This was designed to prevent any religion from turning the fledgling republic into a theocracy. It was also designed to allow a no-holds barred debate about God in the country, in the hopes that the truth would prevail. Unfortunately, the atheists have used this clause to shut down that debate, and ban any mention of God in public education. That is censorship, which is antithetical to the very essence of the founding documents.  If we are to settle the dispute between science and religion, we must reinvigorate the search for truth, as provided for in the Bill of Rights. Academia should place the history of ancient Israel (the Bible and its accompanying texts Josephus and Tacitus etc) in the history departments of our public schools, and use those chronologies as a research tool to solve the “mystery” of human existence.

Ask The Right Question:
Why is it that the history of Rome & Greece etc. are considered valuable tools for the research of historians and archaeologists, but the history of ancient Israel, the basis of three major religions in the modern world, is banned from academia? Are they in Denial?

Fear Not! The Framers were Right.
Truth will prevail. There is zero possibility of America becoming a religious theocracy; however, we already have an atheistic oligarchy.

This is not an intellectual head-game. It is time to face The Awful Truth; atheism is a dictatorial and violent ideological cult. Why, in opposition to their parents, is this destructive “belief” imposed on every child in elementary school. In a world floating on nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, the violence of atheism can no longer be “tolerated.” It must be confronted.

Amoral is Immoral
All things intellectual have both a logical and moral context; yet, Atheists are quick to challenge the religious by saying, “don’t put your morals on me.” Morals are not personal. They are based in truth, and have a universal context. The term “Amoral” is lacking in both logic and morals. Notwithstanding, the Atheists in science and academia indoctrinate every child in elementary school, before the age of reason, with their “Amoral” ideology. This is the equivalent of the infant baptisms of religion.

I say to the Atheists in science and academia:


Global Warming / Climate Change / Environmentalism – Noble Lies?
If you think modern Atheists are above creating a “Noble Lie,” click the link Climate Change: A Noble Lie? It is based on an excerpt from my book The Awful Truth. Please read it carefully. In my forty years of research, I have never seen a more accurate portrayal of academia’s growing philosophical crisis.

If you have not read our solution, please click on the Discovery link before leaving the website.

It is one thing to reject religion, quite another to reject God.

Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven unto men.
32 And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come. Mat 13:31-32.

If the God of Abraham was still dealing with humanity, Atheism would be considered blasphemy.

The Awful Truth by: Patrick J. Conway, provides a non-religious solution to the mystery of God and human existence, with definitive answers on our origin, purpose, and future.