The Evidence

If "Religion is the Opiate of the Masses," Science is the Opiate of the Intellectual Classes.

Do you really believe you're an Evolving Ape, or that God will Take Your Call? It's time to end this destructive conflict. It is the root cause of all of humanity's holy wars, holocausts, jihads, violent atheistic revolutions, and the radicalization of liberal vs. conservative politics.

Topics for Discussion

Teachers / Instructors: Truth vs. Myth

Teacher: a person who reveals a previously unknown truth to humanity.

Instructor: a person trained to educate others on the discovery of a teacher.

The Ivory Towers of Academia
It is very dangerous to apply the title “Teacher” to instructors, as is currently done in academia. It elevates the instructors to an unearned level of awe, creating an elitist hierarchy that stifles new thought. This was patently obvious in the dictatorial cult of theologians who controlled education in the dark ages, and in the cult of atheists that dominate science and academia in the modern world.

In Mathew chapter 23, Messiah described the arrogance of those who love to be called “teachers,” and warned his disciples to “Call no man Teacher / Rabbi.” Jesus used his most degrading rhetoric when he judged the Scribes and Pharisees [teachers and professors] of his day. I recommend that all modern-day “teachers, professors and religious leaders” humble themselves, and make a careful study of Mathew 23.

Intellectuals don’t feel credible unless they are being critical. This comes out of the Socratic system of sophistry, which became popular in the dark ages. To the sophist, questioning is seen as the ultimate sign of intellectualism; consequently, they are forced to deny the existence of truth. There is no incentive to seek a truth that you do not think exists.

In the coming Age of Enlightenment: the empirical disciplines of Archeology and History will replace atheistic science and theology as the source of knowledge on human existence. That change will liberate academia from the dark age myths of ideological science and theology, and free instructors and students to propose new concepts.

The restoration of free thought in academia will end the ideological violence of science and religion, and release a worldwide surge of progress, unparalleled in human history.

Public “Education” is an Atheistic Madrasa run by “Evolving Apes.” A prepaid prison like asylum, where children are indoctrinated with amoral ideology and take their first steps into a world of drugs, crime, and sex. If we had to purchase the education of our children, schools would not need police or metal detectors in the lobby. Parents would quickly measure their child’s potential against the quality and safety of the education system and calculate their likely return on investment.

Mandatory education should end in Middle School. Teenagers who aspire to attend High School, should be required to achieve a high level of moral and intellectual acumen to gain admittance, and parents should have to pay for the privilege. Unfortunately, most of those entering college can barely read and write, but they are well versed in amorality and non-judgmentalism.

Education vs. Indoctrination
It is time to demand that academia end the indoctrination of children with unfounded “theories and beliefs,” and solve the mystery of human existence.

The most important qualification for those who would aspire to instruct “teach” children, is the ability to be wrong gracefully. It is also the very first instruction they should impart to their students.

The history of ancient Israel, including the fall of Jerusalem as recorded by Josephus and Tacitus, should be a required course study in every High School.

Sincerely Wrong: Ideology Trumps Logic, Common Sense, and Truth

The most dangerous group of people on Earth are “teachers” who have been indoctrinated to believe an atheistic or theological myth and given the credentials to impose that belief on vulnerable schoolchildren.

The Second Most Dangerous Group of People on Earth

Those indoctrinated by academia to believe an atheistic or theological myth and given the power to wage war.

The Results: Angry Teachers produce Angry Anarchist Students.  

America’s founding motto is “In God We Trust.” So why is government and academia indoctrinating every child in elementary school with Atheistic Evolution? Think About It!

The Results
After two hundred years, the consequences of using evolution to drive a wedge between religious parents and their children are obvious to all but the elites in science and academia. Children indoctrinated to believe that they evolved from the apes, will behave like animals. They have no truth to guide their morals, or wisdom to impart to their offspring.

Conversely, children indoctrinated to believe they can communicate with God will become frustrated when He doesn’t answer their prayers. Some will turn to fanaticism, jihad, holy war, or religious terrorism, others, to rebellion against their religious parents, substance abuse, crime, reactionary cults, or self-destructive lifestyles.

Truth is Simple and Liberating
Humans that know who they are, their purpose here in death, and where they go next, are truly free. They will not believe the “Noble Lies” of an elite class of intellectuals or forfeit their God-Given Inalienable Rights to either an atheistic or theological dictator. They will revere both God and their fellowman and behave in an honorable and dignified manner. See the link Life and Death; the Truth on the Navigator.

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