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If "Religion is the Opiate of the Masses," Science is the Opiate of the Intellectual Classes.

Do you really believe you're an Evolving Ape, or that God will Take Your Call? It's time to end this destructive conflict. It is the root cause of all of humanity's holy wars, holocausts, jihads, violent atheistic revolutions, and the radicalization of liberal vs. conservative politics.

Topics for Discussion

True or False?

1. Atheism is part of theology!

Answer – True! As an intellectual concept about God, atheism is part of theology.
In a backlash against intellectual suppression and religious violence in the dark ages, reactionary theologians created the cult of atheism out of whole cloth! It has turned an entire generation of humans into a mindless Planet of Evolving Apes, who no longer seek the truth, because atheistic “scientists” claim it does not exist.

There is no empirical evidence to support the myth of atheism; yet, it is wrongly perceived as having scientific veracity. Atheistic theologians impose their beliefs on vulnerable children in elementary schools around the globe. The results of that forced indoctrination have proven to be disastrous!

Atheistic ideology caused the violent revolutions of: Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia and Korea. It also caused: the Korean and Vietnam wars, the Cold War, the Arms Race and left us with stockpiles of deteriorating nuclear, biological and chemical weapons that are now falling into the hands of atheistic and religious terrorists!

Traditional theologians, who’s predecessors burned people at the stake for the slightest variation of dogma during the Inquisition, became so intimated by the rebellion of the atheists that they now feel compelled to “tolerate” the most radical beliefs about God – even atheism!

If “religion is the opiate of the masses;” atheism is the opiate of the intellectual classes!


2. Atheism is a reactionary and violent quasi-religion!

Answer – True: Atheism is a belief about God!
We ignore the danger posed by Atheism at our own peril! This reactionary belief:
stifles intellectual progress, thwarts efforts to solve the mystery of human existence
and radicalized the political left and right, costing taxpayers hundreds of billions of
dollars in military expenditures. Atheism has killed untold millions of people and enslaved hundreds of millions more in tyrannical dictatorships. Aside from the human casualties, the psychological and financial costs of this atheistic jihad are staggering.

We must separate the cult of Theological Atheism from science and state!


3. Atheism is even more violent than traditional religions!

Answer – True:
The U.S. Senate Committee of the Judiciary, placed the parameters of the total death toll in atheistic China since 1949 between 32 and 61.7 million people.

Nobel Prize winner, Alexander Solzhenitsyn estimates the loss of life from state repression and terrorism under the atheistic dictators: Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev at 66.7 million. The genocides for North Korea and Cuba are yet to be tallied.

Communism is merely the economic system of atheistic dictatorships! The true antagonists in the Cold War were Atheism vs. Religion; not Capitalism vs. Communism. The economic viability of Communism has been discredited, but the tyrannical atheistic dictatorships remain in place. Intellectual Atheism is the most repressive and violent ideology in the history of mankind!

Name a democracy founded by atheists? Name a democracy founded by theologians? These “intellectual” cults caused all the dictatorships of modern history!


4. Atheism and religion divide people into sub-groups that ferment hostile rivalries in: government, politics, education and the media!

Answer – True:
“Liberal” and “Conservative” proponents of these ideologies drive radical agendas in politics and the courts that frustrate civil discourse throughout society. All of our: world leaders, politicians, journalists, judges, professors and clergy, have been tainted by these cults. If academia continues to indoctrinate future world leaders with their: confused, contentious and often violent beliefs, what should we expect?


5. Academia failed to solve the mystery of human existence!

Answer – True:
We have all been indoctrinated by atheistic science and religion as children. Their conflicting beliefs have now become our “truths;” therefore, we find it very difficult to admit that we are sincerely wrong. Nevertheless, it is time to concede that the best minds in academia have failed to discover a definitive truth on this critical mystery.

Notwithstanding, the fanatic atheists in academia continue to thwart efforts to solve the mystery, by banning select portions of ancient history that discredit their belief, as “religion” or “myth.” This intellectual censorship is equivalent to the book-burning censorship of the clerics!


6. It is not possible to know the truth!

Answer – False:
Atheism / Theism are contradictory concepts; therefore, to avoid this embarrassing dispute, intellectuals were compelled to take the illogical position that a definitive truth cannot be known. This intellectual cowardice avoided “unseemly” confrontations in the Ivory Towers of Academia, but forced the conflict to rage in society as: holy wars, holocausts, jihads and violent atheistic revolutions. It also precluded any possibility that someone within academia would solve this critical mystery. You cannot find, that which you do not seek!

The first step in our efforts to solve the mystery of human existence, is to remove the illogical concept that the truth cannot be known, and acknowledge the reality that the ancient histories are not handbooks for religion, nor are they myth; they are chronologies of events in the ancient world.

If not knowing the truth to a certitude has now become a sign of intellectualism; what is ignorance?


7. If you have been indoctrinated by atheism or religion, you are a danger to society!

Answer – True:
We cannot make sound personal or societal decisions based on the flawed concepts of atheism and religion!

Tolerance is not the answer! The sub-cults of atheism and theology are growing exponentially. There are over thirty thousand confused, contentious and often violent denominations of Christianity alone. Judaism, Islam and Theological Atheism are similarly divided, confused and violent.

People who live in glass houses love tolerance! We now tolerate religious war, to avoid theological debate!

Atheism and theology can’t both be right! To refuse to confront academia’s absurd beliefs is intellectual cowardice! This conflict must be resolved through a, no holds barred, public debate – post haste!


8. There are no alternatives to the current beliefs of science and religion!

Answer: False:
One logical alternative is The Historical Realist Construct; that supernatural beings did interact with humans in the ancient world, but no longer communicate with us here in the modern.


9. In ancient times people fabricated mythical stories about gods to calm their fears!

Answer – False:
In the ancient world, disciplined historians recorded the interaction between the gods and humans, with meticulous detail.

Myth = Any recorded history that contradicts the beliefs of Atheism or Religion.


10. The collapse of the ancient world holds the key to the mystery of human existence!

Answer – True:
The ancient texts predicted that a cataclysmic war of supernatural forces would end the ancient world, and humans would be left alone on the earth. Did that happen?

The collapse of the ancient world and subsequent rise of human rule on the earth, precisely as predicted, is the greatest unsolved mystery of planet earth!

The discovery, presented in The Awful Truth, will solve that mystery!


The collapse of the ancient world is the greatest unsolved mystery of planet earth. The solution, revealed in The Awful Truth, will forever change the way we view ourselves, science, religion and the gods of the ancient world. Please help us encourage a discussion of this wonderful discovery, by E-mailing the website to everyone on your list – thank you.

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