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If "Religion is the Opiate of the Masses," Science is the Opiate of the Intellectual Classes.

Do you really believe you're an Evolving Ape, or that God will Take Your Call? It's time to end this destructive conflict. It is the root cause of all of humanity's holy wars, holocausts, jihads, violent atheistic revolutions, and the radicalization of liberal vs. conservative politics.

Topics for Discussion

Jewish: Truth vs. Myths

The Truth: The Bible is a closed history of God’s interaction with the ancient Israelites.

Jews: citizens in the ancient Kingdom of Judah.

Jewish: those who claim to be the physical or spiritual descendants of Abraham.

The Pretenders: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam claim to be the spiritual or physical descendants of Abraham. They are modern pretenders to an ancient reality. The following is a small portion of the mayhem caused by their disastrous attempts to relive the history of ancient Israel. They caused:

  • the “Jews” of Europe to intermarry exclusively with fellow “Jews,” and live a separated existence as the “Chosen People of God.” That pretense played a major role in the Darwinian Holocaust.
    See link The Holocaust: Truth vs. Myths
  • the disastrous attempt to recreate ancient Israel in the modern world, which turned the Middle East into a tinderbox.
  • the genocidal Catholic Inquisition. Church leaders ordered that those they identified as “heretics” should be tortured until they repented. Some were burned alive in the name of Jesus.
  • the Catholic Church required priests and nuns to forfeit their God-Given Privilege to marry and bear children and held them in a form of voluntary slavery.
  • untold numbers of children have been sexually abused by these “celibate” priests.
  • the Crusades of Christianity and Islam.
  • the American revolution, slavery, and civil war. See Slavery: Truth vs. Myth on the Navigator.
  • Islamic revolutions and counter revolutions in Iran, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
  • the Iran / Iraq war between the Shiites and Sunni sects of Islam that killed an estimated one million people.
  • two hundred years of war between Catholics and Protestants in Belfast.
  • Islamic terrorism on a global scale.
  • the destruction of the World Trade Center. 2,996 people killed in a fiery inferno, in NYC.
  • the religious mass suicides of Masada and Jonestown.
  • the fiery inferno at the Branch Davidian Christian compound in Waco Texas.
  • 168 people, including 19 children, killed, and 500 injured in the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City in retaliation for Waco by Christian fanatics.
  • the rise of radical Atheism.
  • the fallacious atheistic creation myth of evolution from the prime apes. That unfounded “theory” turned academia into an atheistic re-education camp.
  • atheistic / communist revolutions in Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc. that killed millions of people.
  • the indoctrination of children, before the age of reason, into the ideological conflict between science and religion.
  • World Wars 1 & 2, Normandy, Dresden, Pearl Harbor, Nagasaki, and Hiroshima.
  • the “Cold War” and the arms race between Atheistic Communism and the Judeo-Christian West, which brought us to the brink of Nuclear War on several occasions. That stockpile of weapons is in danger of falling into the hands of religious terrorists.
  • the atheistic / religious dictatorships of North Korea and Iran.
  • the Korean and Vietnam wars.
  • the radicalization of liberal and conservative politics in democracies and republics.
  • the suffocating political correctness and “tolerance” of academia that censors free speech and stifles new thought.
  • the need for body searches at airports and public gatherings.
  • divisions between religious parents and their children, between interreligious husbands and wives, and between “liberal and conservative” family members and the fellow citizens of a country.
  • the banning of the history of ancient Israel (the Bible etc.) from government functions, public ceremonies, and school as “religion.”
  • the loss of a moral standard, resulting in the rampant rise of drug and alcohol abuse, crime, baby daddies and baby mammas, unwed women, single mothers, fatherless children, and abortion on demand.

Attempting to relive the history of ancient Israel, through government or religion, is extremely dangerous.

All religions, both biblical and pagan, are a modern pretense to an ancient reality, and Atheism is a reactionary ideological cult.

Attempting to relive the history of ancient Israel, requires our biblically based religion to teach their followers that the prophesied world-ending Battle of Armageddon is a future event. If that mistaken belief is not corrected soon, the radical followers of these cults will inflict a nuclear, biological, or chemical act of terrorism on humanity that we cannot now imagine. Make no mistake, either as a state actor, or a radicalized faction of fanatic rebels: They Will Do It!

Never Forget: the people who went to work in the World Trade Center 0n 9/11, thought that the conflict between science and religion was not their problem.

It is time to face The Awful Truth; science and religion have had two thousand years to solve the “Mystery” of Human Existence. THEY FAILED!

The Awful Truth is available in our Bookstore.

Jews: Citizens in the Kingdom of Ancient Judah

“Not One Stone will be left here upon another.” Mat. 24:2.

When Messiah came to Jerusalem, in a.d.30, he told his disciples that a civil war would engulf the Jews. In those battles, the temple would be destroyed, and the city would be left desolate. Forty years later, in a.d.70 the temple was destroyed to the foundation stones, and not one person remained in Jerusalem. That cataclysm was the epicenter of the battle of Armageddon. It ended the Kingdom of Judah, and the tribe of people called the Jews. There are no Jews on the earth in the modern world. In fact, since the collapse of the ancient world, there are no Romans, Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks, Vikings, Druids, Mayans, Incas, or Indians etc. on the earth. These are ancient world identities; they have no validity, authority, or legitimacy in the modern world. Precisely as foretold, the meek [humans] have inherited the earth. Ps. 37:11, Mat. 5:5.

It’s time to end our disastrous attempts to relive the history of ancient Israel and solve the mystery of human existence with one definitive and verifiable Truth. Yes, there is a solution: One Man, One God, One Truth. It will end the conflict between science and religion, harmonize liberal and conservative politics, and release a world-wide surge of progress and prosperity.

The Solution: if you have not read the solution, please click on the Discovery link before leaving the website.

See the link Jews: Truth vs. Myth, on the Navigator.

Did the second coming of Jesus cause the collapse of the ancient world? You decide; Discovery

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