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If "Religion is the Opiate of the Masses," Science is the Opiate of the Intellectual Classes.

Do you really believe you're an Evolving Ape, or that God will Take Your Call? It's time to end this destructive conflict. It is the root cause of all of humanity's holy wars, holocausts, jihads, violent atheistic revolutions, and the radicalization of liberal vs. conservative politics.

Topics for Discussion

Self-righteous Judgmentalism

Truth is Humbling

Ideology makes one Self-righteous and Judgmental 


Definition 1; confident of one’s own righteousness, especially when smugly moralistic and intolerant of the opinions and behavior of others. 

Definition 2; righteousness not authenticated by a Higher Power.

Self-righteous Atheists
To avoid being perceived as being immoral, atheists declared themselves to be “amoral.” This concept does allow them to escape the demands of a moral standard; however, it cannot produce a stable society. Amorality is personal; thus, antithetical to the very concept of society, which requires both purpose and universal agreement. The absence of a Creator, Divine Law, and afterlife requires atheists to focus on our current existence for a moral imperative. As a result, evolution, the earth, its environment, the government, and politically correct politics, have become sacrosanct in atheism. Anyone who dares to challenge any of these ideological tenets is vilified as a “hater,” “Neanderthal,” or “bigot.” Atheism makes adherents closed-minded, self-righteous and judgmental.

Self-righteous Religion
Using the history of ancient Israel as a handbook for religion requires believers to consider anyone who disagrees with their beliefs to be satanic or evil. The laws God gave to ancient Israel are an excellent guide for one’s personal morals; however, using the Bible to form a religion requires its adherents to use those laws to judge others, and makes them, like the atheists, self-righteous and judgmental.

….He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone….John 8:7.

A New Covenant
When the Messiah brought the New Covenant to the Israelites, he eliminated the Ten Commandments of Moses, and replaced them with one Law:

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. Mat.7:12

I have been considering the practicality of the Messiah’s Law for thirty years. Over that period, I did not encounter a dispute that it could not resolve.

Inner and Universal Peace
The laws God gave to ancient Israel are no longer in effect on the earth; however, it is my opinion that using the New Covenant Law of Messiah to judge one’s personal behavior, would produce inner and universal peace.

Science vs. Religion, and Church vs. Academia is the Problem
Do you really believe you’re an Evolving Ape, or that God will take your call?

Neither of these Dark Age theories and beliefs describe the reality in which we live. It’s time to end this destructive conflict, harmonize liberal and conservative politics, and solve the mystery of human existence. United we will stand, see the future: the Discovery.

Please help us end the ideological violence instigated by the self-righteous “intellectuals” in academia. Send a copy of this link to your Liberal and Conservative friends, family members, politicians, pastors, and science and theology “teachers.”

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