The Evidence

If "Religion is the Opiate of the Masses," Science is the Opiate of the Intellectual Classes.

Do you really believe you're an Evolving Ape, or that God will Take Your Call? It's time to end this destructive conflict. It is the root cause of all of humanity's holy wars, holocausts, jihads, violent atheistic revolutions, and the radicalization of liberal vs. conservative politics.

Topics for Discussion

Go Beyond Belief

For hundreds of years, all of our leaders in government, education and politics, have been indoctrinated by the atheists and theologians in academia. These ideologies have closed their minds; consequently, they no longer think this conflict can be resolved. They Are Wrong.

Every problem has a solution; however, it will be an enormous task to deprogram so many people. We must begin by asking our leaders pointed questions designed to expose their indoctrination; thereby, liberating them to address the endless violence caused by science and theology.

Come Out from Among Them
To go Beyond Belief, we must Ask the Right Questions. As the Realist Movement continues to grow, subscribers in ninety countries and all fifty states, we will be providing parents, students, and voters with challenging questions for their elected officials, politicians, clergy, and teachers. These questions are designed to Rock the Ivory Towers of Academia, and end the dark-age myths of ideological science and religion.

Ask the Right Questions
Science and Theology are the Pinnacles of Academia. Do those disciplines bring peace and unity to their students, or anger, frustration, and divisions that lead to violence in society? If truth is the source of peace, what is academia teaching?

Did academia fail to solve the “mystery” of human existence? Is that failure the root cause of all of the divisions in society? Do those divisions instigate endless military and political violence around the globe? Is it the root cause of all ideological terrorism?

Universal Agreement:
is the very essence of a harmonious society. Academia is dedicated to diversity and “tolerance” of contradictory ideologies and beliefs. Will that work? During the riots in California, Rodney King asked: “Can’t we all just get along?” What is it that keeps us from “getting along?”

Scientists & Theologians:
Why do we continue to pay scientists and theologians when, after thousands of years, they cannot tell us who we are? What are we getting for our money – holy wars and violent atheistic revolutions? Why do we allow them to indoctrinate our children? What does it cost to indoctrinate a child from kindergarten to university?

Academia portrays their inability to know the truth as a sign of tolerance and intellectual sophistication. Isn’t the absence of knowledge ignorance?

If the scientists and theologians in academia do not know the truth, are they educating or indoctrinating our children? Is it dangerous for academia to indoctrinate generation after generation of children in ignorance?

We have already seen the holy wars and violent atheistic revolutions that occur when students, indoctrinated into opposing sides of the mindless “intellectual” jihad between science and religion, take control of our governments. It is most apparent in atheistic and theological governments like; the Soviet Union, China, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, the Vatican, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea etc. These ideologues brought the world to the brink of nuclear war on several occasions. They destabilized western democracies by radicalizing government, education, and politics around the world. Is academia the problem?

Thinking the Unthinkable:
Doing the same things while calling for “tolerance” to stem the ongoing violence, is called insanity.

Is it time to Think the Unthinkable?

Ideological Terrorism:
Why do our governments spend billions of dollars on “homeland security,” while refusing to address the real cause of terrorism – academia’s failure to solve the “mystery” of human existence?

The Military
Is it time to stop sending the young men and women of the Armed Forces to fight academia’s ideological battles?

Should the military research the conflicting ideologies of science and theology that killed and maimed so many of their fellow soldiers?

is the most violent ideology in all of human history. Disguised as Communists, Liberals, Socialist and Progressives, atheists have killed and enslaved more people than Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Fascism combined. Why is every child in public school indoctrinated with this violent ideology?

is the economic system of Atheism. Atheistic ideology is dictatorial. It can only come to power through violent revolution, followed by tyrannical suppression of opposition. Atheistic Communism has destroyed every civilization it has ruled. Disguised as scientists, intellectuals, liberals, socialists, and progressives, its advocates in academia have stifled intellectual freedom, radicalized government, education, and politics, and undermined the moral fiber of western civilization.

Socialism, in general, has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it Thomas Sowell.

An obvious truth is way too apparent to be recognized by experts indoctrinated to seek complicated explanations for simple questions – the “mystery” of Human Existence?

Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Conservatism, and Religion are the symptoms; Science vs. Theology is the disease. “Intellectuals” are the infected carriers, spreading the disease. Should we expose our school age children to contamination by the carriers of that disease?

The Sex Abuse of Children in Church and School
Was the sex abuse of children at Penn State University the logical consequence of atheism’s “amoral” agenda in academia?

Was the sex abuse of children in the Catholic Church the logical consequence of a celibate priesthood? The hierarchies of both institutions knew about and covered-up the abuse of these poor children for many years; is this the tip of the iceberg?

Should parents demand answers to these obvious questions? Have we, as humans, become so morally compromised by academia that we lack the courage to defend our children from indoctrination by the radical ideologues and sexual predators lurking in our churches and schools?

Diversity and Amoral Academia
Is it even within the realm of possibility to expect that an educational system, which is predicated on “Diversity, Theology, and Amoral Atheistic Science,” will produce a unified, peaceful, and moral society?

Science and Religion
Is Something Terribly Wrong in Science and Religion?

They Can’t both be Right, but they can both be Wrong!

Is the atheistic indoctrination of elementary school children, before the age of reason, equivalent to the Infant Baptisms of religion?

Atheism is a belief about God
Isn’t atheistic “science,” like religion, just one more unfounded belief about God? Is this ideology a protest against God, or religion?

Atheism is a belief about God.

If the U.S. Constitution requires a “wall of separation” between religion and state, shouldn’t that wall separate atheism and state?

Did primates evolve into humans to “better suit their environment?” Think about it. If you were charged with solving the “mystery” of human existence, would you begin by thinking maybe we came from the apes, or would you seek the answer in the earliest history written by humans?

Charles Darwin
Is Darwin’s book on his “theory” of evolution titled the Origin of Life, or the Origin of Species? Is there a difference? Did the atheists use his “theory” to turn science and academia into a mindless ideological cult? Should Darwin’s “theory” be referred to as The Evolution of Species, or The Adaptation of Species? Are the numbers of species increasing or decreasing?

Intellectual Freedom
There are no great thinkers in modern academia, because scholars fear being ostracized by the atheistic hierarchy. Scientists and intellectuals have not produced a new thought on human existence since Darwin; two Hundred Years. Why are there no iconoclastic thinkers, like Galileo and Copernicus, in atheistic academia? Do they all agree, or do they fear being ostracized? Is the intellectual environment in atheistic academia more conducive to new discoveries than the intellectual environment of the dark-age church?

The Supernatural
Why are the supernatural aspects of the ancient world ignored in academia? The ruins of those advanced civilizations fascinate the natural curiosity of everyone on the planet, but not the atheists in science. Why is that? Did the cult of Atheism destroy the natural curiosity of scientists?

We have ten thousand years of recorded history that chronicle the interaction between gods and humans in the ancient world. That history is supported by archeological evidence found on every continent of the globe. Is all of that evidence to be ignored, merely because it doesn’t support the agenda of the atheists? Are the scientists and theologians in academia more knowledgeable about the advanced civilizations of the ancient world, than the highly disciplined scribes who recorded that history?

Ancient Myths vs. Modern Reality
Ancient Reality vs. Our Modern Myths?

Ancient Aliens
Why are television shows like the Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel, and the radio show Coast to Coast AM with George Noory so popular? These authors and producers are doing research that should be done in academia. Unfortunately, their findings are disparaged by the atheists in “science,” as pseudo-science.

Is the “theory” of evolution pseudo-science?

Is there a difference between a god and an alien?

Are Humans Aliens?
Humans are the only creature on the planet that does not live in harmony with the earth’s environment.

Are humans, as recorded in the history of ancient Israel, the exiled aliens of Eden?

When we look in the mirror, do we see an ape, or an alien?

Freedom of Speech and Religion
Did the founding fathers design freedom of speech and religion to foster “tolerance” of flawed ideologies, or to encourage a no holds barred debate in academia, politics, and religion?

Where did the concepts of “Tolerance,” and “Political Correctness” originate; Atheism, Academia?

People who live in glass houses love tolerance
Is it even within the realm of possibility to expect that the more than thirty thousand contradictory denominations of Christianity, Judaism Islam, and radical Atheism, will ever be tolerant enough to live together in peace? Is this an “intellectual” pipe-dream?

Are academia’s endless calls for tolerance a call to peace, or an attempt to avoid scrutiny?

Should we “tolerate” flawed ideologies? Do the atheists in academia tolerate new concepts? Are they more open and objective than the dark age priests?

Are humans, as my research reveals, the Consummate Creation of an Almighty God, designed to “inherit the earth” and rule the universe in eternity?

There is not a truth existing that I fear, or would not want known to the whole world. Thomas Jefferson.

Those who are too proud to be wrong are too indoctrinated to be right.

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. Pr. 16:18.

Did the, pride-filled, intellectual conflict between Atheistic Communism and the Judeo-Christian West, cause the development of our nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons?

Did science design those weapons and the missiles used to deliver them?

Will those stockpiled weapons bring us to “destruction” or a “fall?” Are ideological terrorists seeking those weapons? If they get one, will they use it?

Terrorists Don’t Cause Terrorism, Academia’s Ideologies Do!
Were the ideologies of science and religion formulated in the deep ignorance of the dark ages? Is it time to reexamine those beliefs? Will the hierarchies of atheism and theology be open to scrutiny by independent thinkers?

One Man – One God – One Non-religious Truth
If the temple in Jerusalem was God’s dwelling place on earth, what is meant by its destruction to the foundation stones?

What is the meaning of the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem, followed by the fall of the gods, collapse of the ancient world, and subsequent rise of human rule of the earth, precisely as foretold in the history of ancient Israel? Did the “meek” inherit the Earth? Ps. 37:11, Mat. 5:5.

Was that cataclysm foretold in the history of ancient Israel – the Bible? Why is it that the histories of ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt etc. are considered essential to a “well rounded education;” while the history of ancient Israel is banned from academia? Is there a difference between banning and burning books? Aren’t both violations of intellectual integrity based in ignorance, and, of all things, Intolerance in Academia?

Should an intellectual entity (academia) dedicated to finding truth, ban a huge portion of history (the Bible) from their research? Is it time to rethink our intellectual approach to the research on God and human existence? Would it not make sense to end these pride-filled “intellectual” conflicts, and use a combination of science, history, archeology, theology and religion etc. in that research?

The ancient city of Jerusalem is the source of three major religions in the modern world. Why does academia spend an inordinate amount of time teaching the fall of Rome, while ignoring the the fall of Jerusalem? Are intellectuals afraid of stepping on some religious toes? Is this a conspiratorial cover-up, or just an ideological blind spot?

If the Bible is the chronological history of God’s interaction with humanity, why are we no longer writing that history? Not one word has been added for two thousand years. Why?

Fleecing the Flock
The God of Abraham instructed the Israelites to pay 10% of their income to support the government. That law was exclusive to the ancient Israelites. “Biblical religions” require parishioners to pay 10% of there income to “God.” Is that money really going to God? Can your family afford to forgo 10% of your income? See the link Tithing: Fleecing the Flock, on the Navigator.

If Christians can communicate with God, why are there thirty thousand confused, contentious, and often violent denominations of their religion? Why did conflicting denominations of Christianity cause two hundred years of war in Ireland? Is God the author of Christianity’s confusion and violence? Are Judaism, Islam, and Atheism similarly divided, confused, and violent?

God is not the author of confusion… 1Cor. 14:33.

Did God authorize Christianity to burn people alive during the Inquisition? Did the reprehensible Nazis at least gas their victims before burning them in the Holocaust? Would you join the Nazi Party? Think about it!

Did the Nazis use Darwin’s theory of “methodical selection” to try to create a “Master Race?” Did that cause the Holocaust? See the link The Holocaust; Truth vs. Myths on the Navigator.

Should governments support the violence and confusion of religions, by giving them tax breaks? If a religion accepts the money, is government their god?

Atheistic “science” and theology can’t both be right. One or both of these concepts has to be wrong. Why do they both receive accreditation in academia?

What would our military budget be, if we ended the conflict between science and theology by solving the “mystery” of human existence?

Is academia the equivalent of a modern day false prophet? Are “intellectuals” the offspring of the false prophets in antiquity? If God is dead in the modern world, what killed Him? Was it not the conflict between science and theology in Academia?

Are science and religion the equivalent of the “blind guides of the blind” spoken of by the Messiah? What happens when the willingly ignorant are put in charge of “educating” the innocent; 9/11, followed by the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? The “Arab Spring?” What will be next, Israel vs. Iran? Will that involve nukes?

Something is Terribly Wrong in Academia
Asking the experts in science, theology, and government to answer pointed questions, will expose the problem. More will be forthcoming.

United We Will Stand, or Divided We Will Fall
It is time to demand that Congress investigate academia’s failure to solve the “mystery” of human existence.

In the 2020 Presidential Election: we must ask every Democrat and Republican candidate for President  the following question:

Candidate – if elected, will you call on the Congress to investigate Academia’s failure to to solve the mystery of human existence, and the violence instigated by the “intellectual” jihad between science and religion?

Please e-mail this link to your Democrat and Republican Representatives in Congress, and the campaign headquarters of your candidate for President in the 2020 election. Invite them to visit

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