The Evidence

If "Religion is the Opiate of the Masses," Science is the Opiate of the Intellectual Classes.

Do you really believe you're an Evolving Ape, or that God will Take Your Call? It's time to end this destructive conflict. It is the root cause of all of humanity's holy wars, holocausts, jihads, violent atheistic revolutions, and the radicalization of liberal vs. conservative politics.

Topics for Discussion

To Change Our World

To change our World, we must: rescue biblical and pagan history from the cult of theology and entrust them to the history department of universities, liberate science from the reactionary cult of atheism, and reject the ludicrous concept that the truth is unknowable.

The Truth in One Sentence

The Bible is a closed history of God’s interaction with the ancient Israelites.

It is not a handbook for religion, nor is it myths as disparaged by the atheists.

You are one of the first people on earth to know academia’s “unknowable” truth!

One Mankind, requires One Truth! Let us begin!

The Coming Age of Alignment

As you read this website, you will see that I speak in very strong terms to the academic community. Please do not think that I’m anti-intellectual; to the contrary, I am very grateful to my brothers and sisters in academia for all of the wonderful advancements they provide to humanity. This website would not be possible without their genius. Nevertheless, we shrink from candid debate at our own peril. I do not hold anyone responsible for the destructive beliefs of atheism and theology. These volatile concepts were formulated in the deep ignorance of the dark ages. Modern intellectuals did not create them, and should not feel the need to defend the indefensible. Notwithstanding, they have known about this violent intellectual conflict for decades, and made no attempt to resolve the problem. Intellectuals have not produced a new concept on human existence since the time of Darwin, and they deliberately ignore the violence of atheism. Academia seems to be in a mind-freeze or paradigm lock. See Chapter Six of The Awful Truth.

Intellectuals remind me of the Scarecrow in The Wizard Of Oz; once the Wizard gave him a diploma, Scarecrow thought he knew all there was to know!

My strong words are an attempt to shake these experts out of their orthodoxies, and stimulate them to renew the effort to solve the mystery of our origins, purpose and future. Their current concepts are extremely negative. In one, we are nothing more than apes without a future. In the other, if we fail to comply with an endless array of antiquated laws, we have a future, but to be burned in an eternal fire. Neither of these “encouraging” beliefs has any basis in reality.

As long as we are fabricating concepts, surely the fertile minds of the intelligentsia can come up with a more hopeful scenario.

To change the world, intellectuals must admit that all holy wars and violent atheistic revolutions are instigated by concepts that originate in the conflict between science and religion. To end that violence, they must produce an uplifting positive explanation for human existence that will tap into our noble spirit and unite us.

Do you really believe you’re and Evolving Ape, or that God will take your call?

One Mankind Requires One Truth!
Students must confront the absurd beliefs of the intellectual atheists and theologians, and restore universities to a place where new thought is welcome!

My Hope For The Future
Think for a moment about the enormous resources humanity has squandered trying to defend the intellectual ideologies of atheism and theology, and the physical, psychological, and equally wasteful costs of reconstruction after the wars.

Now try to picture a world liberated from the violence caused by those ideologies. The discovery presented on this website, will take us to that place.

Atheism and theology instigate endless violence. The truth will unite humanity, and give us inner and universal peace. Like the revelations of Copernicus and Galileo, my discovery will change your world. Arrogant? Not if it’s true!

Intellectuals – a discovery that will debunk the dark age theories and beliefs of atheism and theology is upon you. Know it now or later, but know it you will! Those who dare to know, click here: The Discovery!

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