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If "Religion is the Opiate of the Masses," Science is the Opiate of the Intellectual Classes.

Do you really believe you're an Evolving Ape, or that God will Take Your Call? It's time to end this destructive conflict.

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Pathological Ignorance

Intellectuals Fiddle While Humanity Burns

wtcOn 9/11/2001, Islamic theologians attacked what they perceived to be the symbol of Atheistic America – The Great Satan. These “men of God,” crashed stolen airliners filled with passengers, into the World Trade Center. Three thousand innocent humans incinerated in an inferno, as the Twin Towers crumbled and fell to the streets below. Not even that catastrophe, could motivate the intellectuals to swallow their pride, and resolve this violent conflict.

A conflict that goes Unresolved for Centuries is Pathological.
Humanity is trapped in a firestorm of violence instigated by the endless ignorance of science and theology. Meanwhile, fiddling intellectuals warn people that cigarettes, trans fats, and global warming are about to kill them – Red Herrings?


Science vs. Religion is the Problem.

Do you really “believe” you’re an Evolving Ape, or that God will take your call?

The Pathology of Endless Ignorance
The volatile concepts of science and religion invade every aspect of our lives. They:

  • Radicalize liberal and conservative politics in democracies.
  • Drive an intellectual wedge between parents and their children.
  • Instigate ideological terrorism.
  • Necessitate government invasions of privacy, and body searches at airports.
  • Divide humanity into hostile countries armed with WMD.
  • Cause endless holy wars and violent atheistic revolutions.
  • Give rise to atheistic / religious dictatorships like North Korea and Iran.
  • Radicalize education, which leads to fanaticism, mental instability, and violence on campus. (Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Amish Schoolhouse etc.)
  • Debase human dignity, and foster a degenerate “amoral” society.

Ideological Science and Religion are the Root Cause of Terrorism
Indoctrinating students into opposing sides of this violent intellectual jihad, while calling for “tolerance” to escape responsibility for the ongoing violence is Intellectual Malpractice that borders on Criminal Negligence. Scientists and theologians know that if they solve the “mystery” of human existence, the government will cutoff their research grants. Intellectuals are willingly ignorant, but not stupid.

Why do we spend billions of our tax dollars on “Homeland Security,” subject ourselves to body searches at airports, and send the military to fight academia’s ideological battles, while refusing to address the root cause of terrorism: academia’s failure to solve the “mystery” of human existence, and the violence instigated by the conflict between science and religion?

All religions, both biblical and pagan, are a modern pretense to an ancient reality, and Atheism is a reactionary ideological cult. The biblically based religions teach their followers that prophesied world-ending Battle of Armageddon is a future event. If that mistaken belief is not corrected soon, the radical followers of these cults will inflict a nuclear, biological, or chemical act of terrorism on humanity that we cannot now imagine. Make no mistake, either as a state actor, or a radicalized faction of fanatic rebels: They Will Do It!

It is time for governments to demand that the Ivory Tower “Intellectuals” in academia drop their patronizing calls for tolerance, and solve the “mystery” of human existence before the violence goes nuclear.

There is a solution
The discovery, presented in The Awful Truth, solves The “Mystery” of Human Existence. Bookstore.

Science and Theology Professors
You have seen the horrendous violence inflicted on humanity by your ideologies. How many more wars will it take? How many more genocidal acts of terrorism will be necessary to get you to think the unthinkable, and admit, what in your hearts you already know, the “Noble Lies” of science and religion are both wrong about God and Human Existence!

Come Out from Among Them
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Did the second coming of Jesus cause the collapse of the ancient world? You decide; Discovery

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